Using Ayurveda to Help Quit Smoking

By:Lee Flynn

There are a lot of people who regret the decision they made as young people to get involved with smoking. Governments in many countries are outlawing the practice in public spheres. You might be wondering about some diets that can encourage you to stop this harmful habit. Ayurveda is a great and simple method. Ayurveda is Indian medicine. In the Ayurveda diet, you center your palate around the 6 tastes:

  • 1. Sweet - According to the Chopra Center, some good Ayurveda sweet tastes include wheat, pumpkin, rice, and maple syrup. Sweet tastes are your key to overcoming the powerful addiction of nicotine. Our body craves sweets. You can overcome the chemicals in your cigarette by eating yummy flavors like sweet when you get your bad craving.
  • 2. Sour - Sour flavors are also listed on the Chopra Center's website. They include wine, lemon, vinegar, and pickles. If you are having a hard time feeling hungry, eating sours will make you want to eat more. This can be good, because long term smokers often struggle with being too thin.

  • 3. Salty - Salty flavors include black olives, seaweed, sea salt, and processed foods. The Chopra Centre deprecates buying processed food, because it, like cigarettes, contains chemicals and preservatives that will hurt your body over the long term.
  • 4. Pungent - Pungent flavors are good to consume when you are losing focus and not enjoying life. They are also known as the spices. Examples are ginger, onion, garlic, peppers, mustard, and cayenne pepper. These are also good for removing toxins from your body. They cause you to sweat and eliminate bad things.
  • 5. Bitter - Although they are not popular with many dieters, the bitter flavors are essential for getting all the minerals and nutrients you need. Examples of bitter flavors include cabbage, kale, spinach, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. Have these in your diet to remove toxic build up and purify your system.
  • 6. Astringent - Astringent flavors help with digestion. Examples are beans, lentils, cranberries, pomegranates, and okra. These can help you eliminate your waste easier.

Vape juices are used by some people as a substitute for their earlier and rougher smoking habits. However, practicing an Ayurveda diet is probably the most powerful alternative to removing the cravings. Many Americans avoid flavors in their diet that are not interesting to them. This is deadly, whether you are a smoker, or nonsmoker. When you refuse to eat what you do not like, you are robbing your body of essential nutrients. Many Americans eat plenty of sweet and salty flavors in their diet. They avoid consuming the more challenging Ayurveda tastes that stretch their palate. This is why obesity and depression are very common in America. What we eat has a huge impact on our well-being. Some people live to eat, but we should eat to live.

If you want to improve your diet, but do not know where to start, a great place to check out is your local discount produce market. There, you will find all sorts of flavors that you may have never heard of. Instead of getting a pack of cigarettes, buy a papaya or a large melon. Once you taste one of these things, there is no going back. The scarcity mindset is what puts people on the path to addiction. The scarcity mindset is the idea that I can only do this or that. It forgets the ten other things that you could potentially do to fix a problem. Try something new today.

Identify the areas in your life where you have a scarcity mindset. They are probably the areas where your patterns are the most challenging to change. Open up your beliefs a little to see the yummy tastes at the supermarket. Do not just gravitate toward the pastry aisle. You will greatly benefit by having a far more flexible approach to your food consumption.

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