Arthritis and Diet - Get Rid of Inflamed Joints

By- Rohit Bimbrahw

Arthritisis a slow disease condition which causes pain, inflammation. It is a joint disorder which features inflammation. If you are suffering from the Arthritis problem, then getting right diet full with nutrients becomes the necessity. Certain foods with the anti-inflammatory properties will help you to get rid of the arthritis problem. The people with the age of 60 and more are commonly facing this problem, however, no matter what the age is, the problem can be diagnosed at any age.

arthritisThe pain caused by arthritis can be reduced if you consume high dietary fiber. Include fruits, nuts, and vegetables in your diet to get relieved from the joint pains and aches caused by Arthritis.

What causes arthritis?
The causes of arthritis completely dependent upon the type of arthritis. Some common causes of this problem are:

  • • Hereditary factors
  • • Metabolic informalities
  • • Injury
  • • Direct or indirect infections
  • • Improper lifestyle and bad eating habits
  • • Bacterial or viral infections and much more

Symptoms and signs of arthritis
The symptoms and signs of arthritis are joint pains and aches. Swelling, redness, pain, warmth and joint stiffness are some of the most common symptoms and signs of this condition.
If arthritis affects the large joints such as knee joints then this will reduce the motion because of the loss of the cartilage, however, if the disease affects the smaller joints such as finger joints then this will reduce the grip of the hands. These are the various signs and symptoms of the arthritis problem.

Medications like Voltaren gel are helpful in reducing pain and in solving the arthritis problem timely. However, the time taken by the medication to solve the problem depends upon the severity of the problem associated with an individual thus the time can vary.

Arthritis Treatments
Therapies are also a great solution to get rid of arthritis. Include physical exercise as per your doctor in your daily routine. Other than the therapies, surgeries are also used to get rid of the arthritis problem.

Ayurvedic Diet tips to get rid of joint inflammation :

If you are suffering from the joint pains, if you are the one who is looking for some Ayurvedic tips to get rid of the inflamed joints then have a look at the following Ayurvedic tips.
  • 1. Include fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your diet. Consume the food which contains nutrients to get rid of the joint pains and aches.
  • 2. Switch saturated fats such as butter with olive oils to lessen the stiffness of the joints.
  • 3. Beans are full with protein, vitamins, so, it is a great idea to consume beans.
  • 4. Include high fiber food in your diets such as colorful vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Also, it is a great idea to keep a healthy weight because it can also lead to other heart problems as well.
  • 5. Green tea is also helpful in getting rid of the inflammatory joint pains.
  • 6. Walnuts are a great source of the omega 3s which also contains proteins and vitamins in rich amount. Thus, it is a great idea to consume walnut as well.
  • 7. Include citrus fruits such as oranges in your diet to get rid of the problem. Grapefruit are helpful in soothing burning joints.
According to Ayurveda, having a balanced diet full with nutrients will help you to get rid of the arthritis problem. Adopting a great lifestyle and consuming a balanced diet will help you to get rid of all the problems without any side effects. Plus the alternative of Voltaren gel is always there.
Rohit Bimbrahw is currently working as the Project Manager at Home HealthCare Shoppe; the medical supply extension of Port Coquitlam’s Wilson Pharmacy. At Home Healthcare Shoppe, we believe that with great health and well being, anyone can live a fun and purposeful life.
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