Ebook - Ayurvedic Psychotherapy

(Manas Roga Chikitsa)

Ayurvedic Psychotherapy      'AYURVEDIC PSYCHOTHERAPY (Manas Roga Chikitsa)' is a complete and comprehensive treatise on the subject.

Psychological conditions like depression are almost epidemic today. Even children are commonly suffering from conditions like Attention deficit disorder or hyper activity. The current drug-based medicine have many side affects. Ayurveda provides a best alternative to the treatment of these psychological diseases through herbal formulations and allied therapies.

Many of the patients who come to Ayurvedic practitioners today do so seeking some spiritual or psychological relief. They are coming to Ayurveda as a mind-body medicine with a spiritual basis.

Scientific information about psychology and Ayurveda is not easily available. Because these topics are scattered throughout the Ayurvedic classics like Charaka, Sushruta, and Vagbhata etc. rather than organized in one place only. They are also cross over references in Yoga related to spiritual topics and other methods. Therefore the main needs of Ayurveda today is to present a better psychological model and understanding that is useful in the present cultural context.

Dr.Subhash Ranade and Dr.Bhaskar Patil have successfully tried to amalgamate different references from these scripts to make homogeneous flow for understanding psychology in this ebook 'AYURVEDIC PSYCHOTHERAPY (Manas Roga Chikitsa)'.

Importance of Psychology in Ayurveda -

Manas or Mind is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicinal system and need to be addressed at each and every part of physical/mental disease. Without taking into consideration this mind factor any disease cannot be managed properly. Therefore Psychology is an integral part of practice of ayurvedic practitioner.

Advantage of Ayurvedic treatment in Psychological disorders

  • 1. Ayurvedic methods of treating psychological disorders are gentle, natural, and effective.
  • 2. Ayurvedic therapy contributes to a long-lasting state of balance that reduces the tendency toward recurrences.
  • 3. It offers a more complete understanding of the nature and causes of psychological disorders.
  • 4. Ayurveda offers effective treatment without negative side effects and the real possibility of prevention.
  • 5. It promotes higher levels of psychological health.
  • 6. Ayurvedic methods not only increase the balance in the body, they also progressively raise the overall level of inner contentment.
  • 7. This is a natural antidote to psychological disorders.

This great work is very useful for patients, students, practioners, researchers and for all of you, who are interested in Ayurvedic Science.

Sometimes it's a lot more powerful to let other people do your talking for you. -

Khushbu Dosani(psychology student) says: "Thank you so much Dr. Shashikant Patwardhan, I must say it was truly amazing. The insights and knowledge shared in the book are invaluable. Thank you for your dedication and expertise in the field. Your book has been a source of inspiration and has provided me with a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic Principles in Psychotherapy. Your ability to present complex concepts in a clear and concise manner is commendable. The book's comprehensive coverage of Ayurveda and its application in Psychotherapy has been immensely helpful in my practice. It has given me a new perspective and enhanced my approach towards holistic healing."

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Table of Contents

  • 1. Review of Ayurvedic Psychology
  • 2. Stress / Taan
  • 3. Schizophrenia / Unmaad
  • 4. Anxiety disorders / Chinta - Utkantha
  • 5. Depression / Vishaad - Dainya
  • 6. Anorexia -Bulimia / Arochak-Aruchi
  • 7. Addiction / Mada
  • 8. ADHD
  • 9. Autism
  • 10. Bipolar Disorder
  • 11. Alzheimer's disease / Smruti nasha
  • 12. Parkinson's disease / Kampavata
  • 13. Insomnia / Anidra
  • 14. Chronic fatigue Syndrome / Mamsadhatugata & Mansavruta Vata
  • 15. Epilepsy - Apasmara
Total pages - 150

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