WOMEN AND BABY CARE IN AYURVEDAWomen have started to work in all the fields from engineering to aviation and that has changed their life style, food habits, social contacts and behavior also. All working women are facing lot of stress and strain in their job and the feeling of insecurity has also increased. From extended families the trend is now towards nuclear family pattern. Over time, the traditional structure has had to adapt to very influential changes, including divorce and the introduction of single-parent families. Therefore the trends to achieve health have changed.

Ayurveda is the classical natural health care system from India. 'Prasutitantra' is one of the eight branches of 'Ashtanga Ayurveda' 'Prasutitantra' is not just limited to pregnancy treatments alone, but also suggests the best timings for consuming, nutritious food for healthy mother and child, changes in lifestyle in each month of pregnancy etc. It has well defined procedures and medications under obstetrics and gynecology. These practices include infertility treatments, pre-pregnancy care, delivery procedures and post-delivery care. These practices are aimed at a less-complicated delivery and healthy mother and child.

The author has gathered all the relevant information about these topics from Ancient Ayurvedic texts like Kashyapa, Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhata and have also updated the same according to the current situation.

Ebook parts and contents

This E-book 'WOMEN AND BABY CARE IN AYURVEDA' is divided in five parts.

The first part deals with fundamental principles of Ayurveda, including anatomy, physiology of female reproductive system and daily routine for women.
The second part explains pregnancy, month wise regimen for pregnant women, diet exercise and diseases in pregnancy.
The third part deals with Baby care and treatment of various diseases in infants .
The Fourth part explains about mother care after delivery and information about diseases after pregnancy.
The Fifth part explains various diseases of women and their treatment. Now days, we also find many new diseases that have not been described in ancient texts of Ayurveda. However we can treat all these diseases and make the life of working women better and happier.

Reader may find new terminology and many new names of herbs; the 'Herbs and Medicines Glossary' explains all these in detail.

About the Author -
Dr. Sunanda RanadeB.A.M&S; Ph.D, is Vice Chairman of International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune, India. She is expert Ayurvedic gynecologist and nutritionist and is working in this field for last 40 years.

The book 'WOMEN AND BABY CARE IN AYURVEDA' is a complete and comprehensive treatise on the subject.

This great work by Dr. Sunanda Ranade is very useful for patients, students, practioners, researchers and for all of you, who are interested in Ayurvedic Science and Mother and Baby Care in Ayurveda

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Ebook - Table of Contents

Tribute to Sage Kashyapa

1. Basic Principles of Ayurveda
2. Anatomy of Female Reproductive System
3. Physiology of Menstruation
4. Epochs in Women's Life
5. Constitution -Prakruti
6. Three Pillars of Life
7. Daily Routine for Women

1. Conception - (Garbhadharana)
2.Development of the fetus
3. Pregnancy
4. Prenatal Care
5. Diet during pregnancy
7. Exercise in Pregnancy
8. Diseases in pregnancy

1. Baby Care
2. Baby Massage
3. Shodash sanskar -Sixteen rituals
4. Common Diseases in Children

1. Mother care After Delivery
2. Diseases after Delivery
3. Mother Massage After Delivery
4. Exercises for Mother After Delivery

Common diseases in women
1.Amenorrhea- Absence of Menstruation
2.PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)
3. Dysmenorrhea (Sakashta raj pravrutti)
4. Leucorrhea
5. Vaginitis
6. Endometriosis
7. Excessive Vaginal Bleeding
8. Sterility -Infertility
9. PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
10. Anemia
11. Pruritus vulvae
12. Acne Vulgaris
13. Ovarian Cyst
14. Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer
15. Cervical Cancer
16. Uterine Cancer
17. Breast Cancer
19. Yoga and Women's Health
20.Special Panchakarma procedures for women





[Total pages - 191]


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