Disease Prevention in Ayurveda

Ayurveda sees that the two main areas that affect our health and wellness are the foods we eat and the lifestyle we live. By changing our nutritional protocol and lifestyle, we can greatly influence our Physical, mental, and emotional health.

Factors related to food:

  • Food should be fresh, hot, usually cooked, tasty and easy to digest.
  • There should be at least four hours difference between two meals.
  • Do not eat too many items in one meal. And the items taken in one meal should not be contradicting one other. For example, yoghurt and milk or ice cream and hot coffee.
  • If you feel tired or heaviness in stomach after eating, this is improper eating. Eat according to your digestive power.
  • Do not eat while watching television or while reading. Eat in peaceful and pleasant surroundings.
  • Do not drink water one hour before or after the meals. But can have it in small quantities with meals.


Proper regulated sleep is equally important to maintain a balance of various functions in the body. Early to bed and early to rise is the key to good health. For an average person six hours of sleep is sufficient. Sleeping longer is a cause of disease.

Regular exercise:

Regular exercise according to your constitution is very beneficial for good health. Yoga is advised as the best type of exercise as it takes care of the physical, mental and spiritual health

Rasayan Chikitsa:

Another important factor for maintaining good health and staying active even in the old age is called rejuvenation therapy (Rasayan Chikitsa). So a healthy person should take rejuvenating preparations to maintain good health and stay young. There are many such Ayurvedic preparations available which can be taken according to season and your personal constitution.
Good social conduct, morality, good manners and good character are some other factors which are necessary to stay away from diseases.

Thus Ayurveda approaches the complete individual while giving instructions about maintaining the health.

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