Ayurvedic Treatment for Pain

Pain is the commonest of all symptoms -----

Pain is the biggest problem since the beginning of mankind. All the systems of Philosophy have taken origin in search of the method to relieve the Pain. The word 'disease' itself denotes painful situation.
The main object of medicine and surgery is to ameliorate the suffering of living beings. Ayurveda came into existence to eliminate the pain and suffering of living being. Charak clearly says that 'Health is happiness and disease is Pain'.

Being the member of medical society when we think that 'what is the most common symptom for which a medical advice is sought ?'
then certainly we will find that most common symptom is pain

Ayurvedic Consideration of Pain

For pain in Ayurveda there are many terms such as Shool, Vedana, Ruja etc.
This Shool or Vedana is described as symptom of many diseases or as complication of some diseases
Site of Pain (Vedana)
1] Mind (manas) and
2]Body along with sense organs
Varieties of Pain
On the basis of intensity it may be of three types
1]Severe or Intense (Tivra)
2]Moderate (Madhya)
3]Mild (Mrudu)
It is also mentioned by Charak that this pain has got inverse relationship with Tolerance (Satwa)of a patient

Predominance of Dosha in Pain(Vedana)

Vata is the main Dosha involved in pain . It is the main factor for generating and spreading the pain
but for specific type of pain in specific region a specific fraction of Vayu is responsible
eg. For Generalized pain - Vyana Vayu
        Headache -Prana and Vyana Vayu
        Abdominal pain -Saman and Apan Vayu
        Chest pain - Vyan and Pran Vayu

Causes of Pain

Various causes of pain may be grouped as

Drugs for Pain relief:
Drugs useful in relieving pain are listed as Vedanasthapan Drugs by Charakachharya.
According to him some of the drugs mentioned act by Guna , some act by Vipak, some by virya and above all some of the drugs act by Prabhav.
        In all types of pain there is predominance of Vayu, therefore all drugs used should have some ayurvedic properties that can normalise the vitiated Vayu .

Some of the useful drugs in pain relief are :

For Headache -Jatamansi ,Brahmi,,Haritaki,Guduchi etc.
For Intestinal colic and Gases - Hingu, Lavana, Yavani etc.
For Uterine pain -Ashok, Daruharidra ,Dashamula etc.
For renal colic - Gokshura, Varuna etc
For arthritis -Nirgundi, Guggulu ,Dashamula etc.