Nadi parikshan is one of eight examination procedure followed by expert Ayurvedic vaidyas.

Nadi is sensed by vaidya with his three fingers rested on arterial i.e. near to palm or thumb of hand .By sensing nadi vaidya can predict various body conditions and offer a medicines to cure them.

Ayurvedic pulse diagnosisNow a days it is very difficult to learn nadi from a guru which has their own limitations hence this system is developed so patient diagnose for his health very urgently with accurate indication in any time in a day.

Science is advancing rapidly and our ancient systems are to be brushed and valued for their own place in science. Nadi is system which is useful to analyze human mind as well along with body problems. It is a tool to keep you in balanced condition in all seasons and in changed weather condition .

Nadi Nidan System [NNS] -
is computer base system which measure blood pressure flow in arterial and classify it for VATA PITTA & KAPHA DOSHA .

Nadi understanding is now based on advance equipments facility such as computer , electronic system and material development suits for sensor development . A sensor is developed for arterial pressure converted in to electrical potential with fastest sensing time .Electronic unit converted into digital data output. This data is processed by mathematically solutions and VATA , PITTA, KAPHA doshas can be diagnosed. SAPTDHATU is also possible to indicate.

System consist of two sensor, one electronic unit and laptop or desktop computer .with operating manual and book on basic predication technique from diagrams seen on screen .The facility is also provided to print on printer attached .

This system is developed by Indian Scientist shri. V.L.Kshirsagar who is also helpful to make it available for those who are interested to learn nadi parikshan. This system useful to study blood pressure , blood flow in body and flexibility of muscles and blood vessels .

Those who are interested to know more in this subject can contact V.L.KSHIRSAGAR ,PUNE on his Email ID-- vasant1947@gmail.com .
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