Homa (Agnihotra)- 2

- By Dr. T.R. Shantala Priyadarshini

Why does Agnihotra have a positive effect on the deplorable ecological situation? As well as enriching the surroundings of the Agnihotra pyramid with nutrients, the fire technique induces a powerful energy field, which neutralizes negative energy types and strengthens positive ones. The Agnihotra smoke binds detrimental bits of radiation in the atmosphere and neutralizes their radioactive effect. In Agnihotra nothing is destroyed, only transformed. In a polluted environment the elements of the earth begin to change: the structure of the chemical elements and their connection to molecules are restructured. These fine material changes during Agnihotra can be seen with the help of Kirlian photography.

The entire ecosystem benefits from the use of homa. Plants in the homa atmosphere develop cylindrical veins (vascular tissue or bundles) with an above average diameter. Through these optimized "pipes" water and nutrients can reach all parts of the plant more easily, which supports their growth and reproduction. The homa atmosphere also fosters both the photosynthesis in the leaves and the respiration of the plant, thereby fostering the entire oxygen cycle. The Agnihotra smoke works as a catalyst for the production of chlorophyll. The roots of the plants remain small due to their optimal absorbency and the excellent nutrients in the ground.
As a result the vegetables and fruits grown in a homa atmosphere are of an outstanding quality with respect to texture, taste, colour and size of kernel or seed. The energy field produced in the process of Agnihotra, which can be proved with Kirlian photography, stimulates the plants to maximum growth and maximum yield. Fruit trees bear fruit, which is twice as big, with twice as much fruit; the fruit of pear trees is sweeter. When Agnihotra is carried out nearby, some fruits begin to accelerate their cycle of reproduction and yield more seeds, which also germinate more easily. Oranges are ideal for experimentation with Agnihotra as, like mandarins, they show rapid and good results. It is clear that pests don't have much of a chance with such healthy plants, which are able to protect themselves in natural ways. If harmful insects do persist in the garden or the fields, a mixture of Agnihotra ash, dry cow dung and water sprayed on both the ground and the plants helps.

An important part of the work in the garden or on the field is the introduction of air and homa ash into the ground. Not only does this enrich the ground with life-fostering vibrations, it also helps to stabilize the amount of potassium, nitrogen and trace elements in the ground. Earthworms also multiply faster due to a rise in the hormone production, guaranteeing more humidity and humus. Bees too are attracted by homa energies, and with their help achieve their pollination even more efficiently. Bees produce a particular hormone in the homa atmosphere, which, if consumed in honey, strengthens the human immune system.

In the area of Alto Huallaga, an organic and ecological technique called HOMA THERAPY is being applied in the rejuvenation of the crops of the region, substantially reducing the existence of different pathogenic agents. As a consequence, plagues and sicknesses were eradicated, the yield of the harvest was increased, the fruit grew healthy with better color, taste, weight, texture, etc. Since many years ago efforts have been made to try to get out of the situation of emergency concerning the health of plants with methods such as: cultural control, chemical control, biological control, legal control, etc., without having achieved any success.

The main idea is: "Heal the atmosphere and it will heal you".

Agnihotrais a scientific process of purification of the atmosphere with the agency of cosmic element -fire, it creates pure nutritional and medicinal atmosphere and prevents growth of pathogenic bacteria.the subtle vibrations emanating from it creates & fills the surroundings with love, peace and purity. The atmosphere improves family relationship, health of children by causing a soothing calming effect on them.
Agnihotra can be performed daily by anyone who wishes to be happy and prosperous irrespective of religion, caste, creed, class, color, nationality, age, sex etc. as it's a savior for it's a answer all problems posed universally by present day stress & strain.
So Agnihotra could be utilized with much more benefits in following conditions -1)Labor rooms before and after conducting deliveries 2) Operation theatres -before & after surgeries 3) in intensive care units before admission and after discharge of a patient 4) in wards where patients are treated with compromised states of immunity.5) in-patient wards where chronic respiratory conditions ,terminal stages of cancer, all stages of AIDS, are being treated.
As this has been proved to create sterile -hygienic atmosphere, conducive to faster recovery of all sorts of ailments at a very cheap rate. In epidemics, poor hygienic conditions polluted environment etc, by suitably adopting Agnihotra homa. One could prevent many ills as this is very cost effective, natural and is a locally available alternative.
Regularly practice or being present in the atmosphere of Agnihotra has been found to have very soothing and therapeutic effect on alcoholic and drug addicts. The practice of Agnihotra gives a strong push to the mind in the positive direction, promotes pure thoughts, bestows mental peace, stability, tranquility prevails in the atmosphere, imparts power of wisdom, increases intelligence, devotion to attain higher goals and also physical strength.
Should we not readopt the last principles into Ayurveda to make it as meaningful as in the original ?

Dr. T.R. Shantala Priyadarshini, BAMS, MA (Sanskrit); MS (Shalakya) teaches at the Mysore Ayurvedic Medical College and also is involved with clinical & theoretical research including spastic/mentally retarded, retinal diseases, immunity. She has been practicing Ayurveda for the past 15 years in Mysore and may be reached at shantala301 @ rediffmail.com