Neglect of health

This 'Sthula' body containing Annamaya Kosha is a wonderful gift of God. It is a Combination of system, art and science. However, due to social pressures, mental extremism and indulgence in excesses we appear to spoil it.

The measures adopted by us to gauge our success in life are quite defective. We become absolutely illogical while employing the mechanism of this beautiful body to work. We keep on neglecting the rules that are adevised to maintain and develop the body. Consequently we make our own life hellish and then we repent as has been said by a poet;

'Phool chunane aye the baghe hayat men, Kanton men apna daaman uljha ke rah gaye'

(I had come to garden to pick up beautiful flowers but I entangled myself with thorns).

Without going into details it should be understood by us clearly that the root cause of all diseases lies in imbalanced diet, irregular life style/routine and our irrational thinking. In the mechanism of body one process is connected with another and each system is co-related with other systems. It we disturb some process or system, others also get affected. From the view point of health, it will be more appropriate to treat body as a single unit though it is comprised of several units.

Imbalanced diet and irregular life style attack harshly on the balance that is maintained by 'tridosha' - Vata, Pitta and Kafa, balance of 'Dhaatu', systems related with 'Agni' and 'Prana'. They also affect the functioning of different glands. Various types of diseases are caused through it. According to Acharya Vagbhatta diseases are caused due to accumulation of waste matters in the body. Waste matters are caused and accumulated in the body due to indigestion which prevents absorption of digestible food in the body

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