Overcoming Fear with Ayurveda - 2

by Ian Cameron

Yet another trick to overcome fear is to realize that you only have the present moment. Right now is all that exists! We are anxious about the future. We torture ourselves with disturbing thoughts of what will happen tomorrow, next week, or next year. But these are only imaginings, nasty tricks played by our minds. Live in the present moment. Meditate, and dive into the profound, healing present moment.

Fear creates a physiological imbalance in our bodies and we feel stressed. If we are stressed over a long period, we soon begin to suffer from a certain type of disease. And the fear of having a serious illness makes us feel even more anxious, which exacerbates our health. A downward spiral of fear soon brings us despair and misery. But, with a little courage, we can spiral back up to good health. Above are a few powerful ways of achieving this and I encourage you to try them in your daily life. You will feel lighter, have more energy, and be happier!

So, why do we suddenly feel so much better after applying the principles above? The reason is that we are attending to the very source of the mind, which is pure consciousness, pure love, and love is the highest healer on the planet. Love is not an emotion – it is your very existence. An infinite ocean of love exists within you. By applying the ancient wisdom above in your life, you bathe your body and mind in this vast ocean of love within, cleansing yourself of fear, stress, and illness. You quickly find relief, joy, and peace of mind. Wishing you vibrant health and happiness,
Ian Cameron, Author of Heal Thyself.

This is an excerpt from the breakthrough book "Heal Thyself " - by Ian Cameron
After more than thirteen years of suffering anxiety, depression, and arthritis, Ian studied the wisdom of enlightened masters and applied it in his life. In 1997, he traveled to India and learnt personally from a spiritual master. In his search for truth he found peace of mind and learnt how to attain health and happiness, and wrote- Heal Thyself. To Learn How You Can Have it All – Health, Success, and Love, visit: http://www.healthyself.com.au/