Ayurveda Affiliate Program


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Getting started is very easy...

Our affiliate commission system is managed by 'CLICKBANK' and all commission checks will be mailed directly from ClickBank to you. We use the well reputed 'ClickBank' as our affiliate program manager so that there is a fair third-party looking out for YOU!

STEP 1 -

CLICK HERE for ClickBank's sign-up form it's FREE! This will open in a new window so you will be able to come back to this page again

When you click on the above link, it takes you to ClickBank's sign-up page. Open the sign-up page and fill in all the boxes completely.

Make sure you read ClickBank's Client Contract. Write down your ClickBank nickname and password (you'll need it later to login and check your commission stats).

  • On ClickBank's site, they mention something about a $49.95 fee... This IS NOT FOR YOU! The fee applies to MERCHANT'S ONLY and NOT to affiliates of Ayurveda For You! Affiliates sign-up FREE!

  • Your affiliate link to Ayurveda For You ebooks will be:

That's it! You can now become an affiliate for Ayurveda For You ebooks!

STEP 2 - Now just add a link or banner on your site and you'll be ready to start earning commissions!

    CLICK HERE for Links and Banners to use on your site. After adding the text or Banner links to your web site go to Step 3 - To send us intimation.

Now You will start receiving 50% commission on every sale you make.

STEP 3 >>>>

This is a form you have to fill and submit to send us intimation of your affiliation.

P S: Did you know that many affiliates do not make money because they NEVER even start??
         Interesting but true. Don't let that happen to you.