Patanjali Mantra for Emotional Healing

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Patanjali Healing Mantra/ Prayer

The text is as follows -

" Yogena Chittasya Padena Vacha
Malam Sharirasya Cha Vaidya Kena
Yopakarotham Pravaram Muninam
Patanjalim Pranjali Ranatosmi "

Roughly translated meaning is as follows:-

I bow with folded hands to the supreme sage Patanjali, who eradicated the impurity of mind with Yogashastra, impurity of speech with Vyakarana Mahabhashya, and impurity of body with Ayurveda literature.

This invocation to Patanjali is the introduction to the Bhoja Vritti, the commentary on the Yoga Sutras written by Raja Bhoj. It is frequently chanted at the beginning of a yoga class and before meditation. It is supposed to strengthen mental powers.
Click on the Play button to play Patanjali Mantra- you will feel some inner peace of mind.

Chanted by : Dr. Neel Kulkarni of

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