Pre menstrual Mood Swings - Ayurvedic Management

By - Dr. Megha Sagar

Half of the world is her! Half of the world is because of her!!
These words show how important a woman is and instability in her health could disturb the balance of the whole of the family and their social set up.

A Woman has predominant emotional mind set up. One should try to understand the psychological and physiological factors that might be responsible for such mood changes. Such features are seen in many conditions among them Pre menstrual mood swing is a predominant one.

Symptoms of Pre menstrual mood swings -
Easily irritable
Crying without reasons
Feeling lonely.
There are many other symptoms that vary from person to person.

Causes of Pre menstrual mood swings -

premenstrual mood swings  1. Hormonal changes
  2. Deficiency of nutritive food
  3. Withholding natural urges or forcefully induction of urges
These are the reasons which have to be figured out and suitable solution has to be sought at the earliest, as these problems are likely to be in seen in the age group of 25-40yrs. During these years every woman steps in-to new phase of life , which could be in the form of entering in new family as a daughter in law Or expiring the bliss of mother hood or in graph of her carrier achieve might could be reaching its pick . So during this time an interference in her mental or physical health would lead to disturbance in her emotions leading to frequent mood swings loosing control over one's self could worsen the conditions

A common experience that could be coated here would be the importance of maintaining the calmness in spite of being blamed for the things but we are not responsible for, because we might be helpless in such situations.

This calm pose of mind is very essential to maintain harmony in life that is why this article has been written that I would like to share to maintain the balance of life as enlisted below -
A. Lifestyle modifications , B. Ayurvedic medicines (panchakarma )and C. Vipassana.

Lifestyle modifications: --
Changes in diet and daily regimen- Consumption of nutritious diet, freshly prepared food, spicy food to be avoided, excessive consumption of tea and coffee to be avoided.
Daily exercise to be performed.
Have sufficient sleep and Avoid day sleep.

Ayurvedic medicine: --
Internal medicines and Panchakarma chikitsa like abhyanga (oil massasge) ,swedan (sudation), takra dhara , nasya (medicated nasal instillation ), matra basti (medicated enema ) pichu (tempoon) etc.

Vipassana --
Vipassana could be the best method to maintain calmness .Vipassana is one of the ancient type of meditation technique explained by Buddha himself around 2500 yrs. ago.It helps in strengthening of one will power develops a positive attitude towards life .by accepting the facts as they are.

Message this article would like to render is that - A balanced mind can handle various situations which is possible by keeping one self-calm. Opting a middle path is safe for health and society. After all Nothing is Permanent, Every thing is changing.

The words like giving respect ,equal rights , high status in society to women are preached by many books ,articles etc. These are big words. A small thing that we ought to do is just understand her a bit.

DR.MEGHA SAGAR is a Panchakarma scholar and can be contacted at