Ayurveda & Hormone Replacement Therapy - Part 1

When You Should Consider It

Considering that hormones control the optimum functioning of your body, hormone replacement may be necessary to treat any imbalances can affect your day to day living and quality of life. Women experience hormone imbalances at various stages in their lives including puberty, pregnancy, and post pregnancy. Of course, the major changes occur during their later years as they approach menopause. In men, hormonal changes can occur at puberty and during their later years as levels of testosterone decline with the natural aging process. Hormone replacement is deemed as the perfect solution to correct the symptoms associated with hormone imbalances in both, men and women.

However, it is understandable that you’re wary of the typical solutions and would prefer to opt for natural and organic methods to replace the declining hormone levels. Here’s when you might need to look around for safer Hormone replacement therapy treatments.

You Begin to Notice Symptoms -
Your endocrine and adrenal glands are responsible for secreting hormones in the right quantities to maintain the functioning of your body. If you notice any of these symptoms at any stage in your life, it could be an indication that you need help. Some of the most common symptoms can include acne, excessive hair growth, and frequent urinary tract infections. You might also notice that you’re gaining weight and the water retention is making you feel bloated. Having symptoms that mimic those of an allergic reaction is also a sign as is migraines and irregular periods. Among the mental symptoms, you might feel anxious and depressed, and have trouble sleeping at night. If you’re irritable all the time and have mood swings and hot flushes, it’s time to look for hormone replacement solutions.

You Wonder Why You have Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance-
As explained earlier, hormone imbalances can occur because of the normal aging process. However, many other factors can also affect the balance. Check for these causes and see if they are a part of your lifestyle. Aside from pregnancy and menopause, going on rigorous dieting and bingeing can upset the balance. If you have been undergoing intense stress lately, it could affect the functioning of your adrenal glands. If you incorporate a lot of processed foods in your diet, know that pesticides, food additives, and other pollutants in the air and water can have the same effect as oestrogen on your body, and affect the balance of your natural hormone levels. While most contraceptives are considered safe, their cocktail of hormones can also be a cause for concern. Certain kinds of illnesses might require you to get treatment by way of medication that has undesirable side-effects.

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