Ayurvedic Health Tips for Adolescent Girls

By - Dr.Nikhil Baxi

Introduction The girls between the age group of 12 to 16 yrs are called as Adolescent girls. It is an age in which many physical and psychological changes are takes place in the life of the girl. The hormonal balance takes place in this age. The preparation of the future motherhood is start right from this age. The negligence to the health in Adolescence may give rise to the many problems regarding to the health and fertility so the proper care is essential. The care for the following things by the following ways should be taken.

Psychological Care The Adolescence is age of the changes. The little girl starts grown up. The Physical and Psychological changes make her confuse. Sometime some problems regarding these changes make her depress. This is a time when she needs friendliness of her mother so that she can get the answers openly regarding to these changes. Mother plays important role to giving the information, security, faith and nourishment to the girls of this age. Mother should create the secure surrounding around the girl so that she can share all the secrets with her mother. This is a Age in which girl may be spoil due to the immaturity so mother should take care of this factor also.

Physical Care :
The proper guidance and information about the Menstrual period and the physical changes like breast development, growth of pubic hair should be given to her. The menstrual period start approximately at the age of 14yrs. But it shows variation as per health, lifestyle and hereditary.

  • The proper hygiene is necessary in the menstrual period as unhygienic may gives rise to a infectious conditions.
  • Sometimes menses doesn't start at the age of 16 yrs. Girl may develop inferiority complex due to this condition. Mother should take her to Doctor for the treatment and let her relax by solving her problem.
  • Some girls face the problems like cramps and pain in lower abdomen before the menses or during the menses. Such pain is diminishes as per the growing age. Mother should teach her daughter to tolerate a pain. The gentle massage with the help of warm Sesame oil followed by the application of the hot water bag relives the pain. In the severe conditions the meeting with the Doctor is necessary one. The intake of tablet Cyclopam with suggestion of the Doctor may relieve the pain.
  • The pain in the breast region is also common one due to the development. If the pain becomes intolerable then the visit to the Doctor is necessary one.
Wholesome Diet
  • Wheat, Great millet, Rice, Soyabean
  • Regular intake of the soups prepared with the Green gram, Black gram and Horse gram
  • All kind of vegetable
  • Green leafy vegetables and the salad like Beat and Carrot should take in regular diet.
  • Cow's milk, Butter, Ghee and Butter milk
  • All kind of sweet fruit. One fruit should be eaten regularly.
  • For the snacks the roasted Ground nut, Barley flakes, Rice flakes, Popped rice are the useful things.
  • The sweets like Coconut burfi, Various Kheer prepared with the help of Grains, Dry Fruits and Ghee are beneficial one.
Unwholesome Diet
  • Spicy, Salty, Junk food, Preserved food, Artificial colour added food
  • Pappad, Pickle, Bhel and Panipuri
Other Factors
  • The over stress of the studies should be avoided.
  • The excessive physical stress should be avoided.
  • The inhibition to girls on playing should be avoided. The girl should be permitted to play on the Ground.
  • Mother should become the friend of the Girl so that she can share all the secrets to her mother.
  • Health education and sex education should be given to the girls in the schools.

DR. NIKHIL BAXI - M.D. (AYURVED), PGPP (Panchkarma)PUNE is an Ayurvedic Consultant . He can be contacted at his Email ID -nikhil24j@gmail.com