Motivation For Weight Loss

Motivation is one of the most important factors which determines how successful we are at what we do. It is the driving force that gives us the will to accomplish tasks and eventually succeed at reaching an ultimate goal.
For anyone to succeed at weight loss motivation will be the most important part to work at, it will provide us with the determination to get up and exercise even if we don't feel up to it. Motivation also drives us to stick to the low fat selections and recipes required to keep our progress moving.

Motivation is important factors which determines how successful we are because ,the more you progress and lose weight the more difficult it will be to lose more as the body is pushed past its natural set points. Many top conditioning coaching admit that its possible to gain amazing results when the individuals motivation is high, even if the training program is not "Efficient".


The most common reason people lose interest in exercise / dieting is due to unrealistic goals.Learn to love yourself for who you are, not who you wish to be. Acknowledge that you need to improve your health or weight but believe that you will do what you can to be the best you can possibly be. When we understand and appreciate our bodies, we are able to work with them, not against them!

Practice running the positives through your mind regularly, it may take time but its surprising what you can believe if it is said enough times. Think positively, replace thoughts like "I can't" with "I can and I will" if you don't reach a goal when you want, just focus on the fact that you will get there in time. Remember how far you've got, not how far you need to go

To boost motivation some dieters need to development of a different "mind set". For some people hypnotherapy has work really well to help gain more control over the mind!

Setting goals has the advantage of focusing on what you intend to achieve. A goal acts as a form of mental contract with yourself and your degree of motivation will drive you to complete that contract. If the goal is too hard to achieve it can affect your success. Set easy goals often so you create a habit of success. You must set realistic and easily reachable goals. When you attain each goal it gives momentum to increase the level of motivation further don't set goals that are too much too soon

Sometimes it's a lot more powerful to let other people do your talking for you. -

Thank you so much for the quotes, just the support needed at the beginning of each day to stay on track. Any negative thoughts were quickly dispelled, I really appreciated the encouragement and my weight is gradually reducing at a steady rate. - Teresa Nash

I am very thankful for the motivation I receive from you each day. I have them printed and posted in front of me, and read them while on the treadmill. Thank you and please keep them coming- Lisa

Thank you so very much for the motivational quotes which helped me reflect and stick to my weight loss and exercise program for 3 weeks and I would really appreciate receiving more quotes every day so I could continue my weight loss program with confidence and faith.- Aruna Makeri

Yes, it is really helpful. I was doing regular exercise when I was a student and young but could not continue due to other job related priorities. However, after reading the daily quotes which you are sending, I could not miss a single day for my regular exercise of 1 hour brisk walk in the evening by which I could control my cholesterol level very much.- Manohar

At the outset let me congratulate you on your dedicated effort of sending me those inspiring quotes and it has been helpful and off course there is no easy way to weight loss. Hope to keep this up. It was really helpful hope to keep in touch.- Vivek Bhasin

"Some people say motivation doesn't stick. Well neither does a shower-
that's why we advise you to take one everyday"

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