Ayurvedic Tips For Healthy Teeth and Gum

Teeth are the hard structure attached to the mucous membrane inside the mouth and are planted in the jaw of a human being. They serve the purpose of chewing and grinding the food. Proper chewing of food is very important for digestion. Teeth also help in the pronunciation of words. Teeth and gums are a sensitive area and also carry an aesthetic value. Considering all this, we should take proper care of our teeth.

Teeth and Gum care in Ayurveda According to Ayurveda, teeth are a by-product of bone. Cavities in the teeth, and receding gums, are signs of Vata Dosha aggravation.


Tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthy

  • -- Chew a handful of calcium-rich white sesame seeds every morning. (Then brush your teeth without putting any toothpaste on the brush, so the residue of the sesame seeds can rub against your teeth, polishing and cleaning them.)
  • -- If you love to live naturally, fresh small stick-like branches of trees like the neem or local trees (with bitter taste) can be used for brushing or cleansing the teeth. Chew the stick at one end to make it brush-like. Rub your teeth with the brush.
  • -- Sesame oil massage: You can make your teeth healthier and more beautiful by massaging your gums daily with sesame oil. Take a mouthful of warm sesame oil and swish it from side to side for 2 to 3 minutes. Don't swallow it. Spit out the oil, then gently massage your gums with your index finger. This is an excellent preventive measure for receding gums, tooth infection, and cavities. This will also relieve bleeding from gums and gingivitis.
  • -- Ayurveda recommends the use of bitter and astringent herbs for cleaning the teeth. The main herbs used are Neem, which is bitter, and Lohdra, Kushta, and bilva, which are all astringent. You can make an excellent cleanser for brushing your teeth by mixing the powdered form of Neem and an equal amount of any of the astringent herbs and use the mixture to brush your teeth.
  • -- A very good formula for daily use on teeth is one teaspoon each of Lodhra, kala namak, Triphala and Neem, mixed together and use.

  • -- Another useful dental formula is a 50–50 mix of triphala powder with finely ground roasted almond shells. You can also use Irimedali Taila, a special oil to massage your gums to prevent gum disease.
  • -- Take one gram of finely powdered rock salt and mix half to one teaspoonful of mustard oil in it to make a paste. Apply this paste on the gums and massage gently. Rinse the mouth with warm water. This is a very good treatment for pyorrhea, swollen gums, toothache, and bleeding gums. It strengthens the gums and kills the germs. This massage can be done at any time of the day.
  • -- Fine turmeric powder can be mixed with little mustard oil to male a paste. This should be used before going to bed. It is very beneficial for toothache, dental caries, and pain in teeth while eating chilled or hot food items, and also for bleeding gums.
  • -- Drinking half a glass of water mixed with two teaspoonsful of fresh lemon juice may be taken twice a day. It is good for strengthening both gums and teeth.
  • -- Chewing a clove after meals acts as a mouth freshener and also maintains strong teeth and gums. Keep the clove in the mouth and chew slowly. A drop of clove oil put into a dental cavity can give quick relief from tooth ache. It can be used to relieve tooth or gum ache from emerging wisdom teeth and impact injuries as well.
  • -- Receding gums, and sensitivity of teeth to cold and hot temperatures, indicate a bacterial infection in the roots of the teeth. To treat this infection, wet a clean toothbrush, and put a few drops of tea tree oil directly onto the brush. Brush your teeth. Then use a cotton swab to apply some tea tree oil to the exposed part of the gums.
  • -- Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of chewing food well. This not only helps the digestive process, but also stimulates the gums. Also gently tap your teeth together 5 or 6 times and clench them gently.
So just try to follow these simple practices and remedies and continue enjoying healthy teeth and gums.

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