Virechan Chikitsa in Asthma [Shwas rog]

Nowadays shwas(Asthma ) is one of the major diseases that causes more medical emergencies. Many factors are supposed to be an increasing factors of the disease. Increased industrialization, chemicals used in various factories,overpopulation,pollution are some of them.

According to Ayurvedic concepts, asthma is considered as Shwas -Rog . And it is mainly divided in 5 types.

  • Mahashwas
  • Urdhwashwas
  • Chhinnashwas
  • Tamakshwas
  • Kshudrashwas.

Tamak Shwas : Tamak means darkness . During the attack patient feels dark,black in front of his eyes,He cant see anything and becomes breathless. Tamak shwas is' Yappya' i.e. controllable, many times it becomes an emergency and finally causes to death of the patient. As it is supposed to be Yappya , but when there are recurrent attacks ,remains long period without the proper treatment,it becomes 'Asadhya' means uncurable.

Tamak shwas is aslo divided in 2 subtypes
A) Santamak-In which fever and fainting are the associated symptoms. This is aggravated in night.
B) Pratamak-Caused by psychological factors , and patient can get relief with cold air,cold food.

Pathogenesis of Asthma:
Due to increased Kaph dosha, Strotorodh in Pranvaha Strotas (blockage in the respiratory systems), natural direction of the Vata is blocked and blocked Vata dosh is reversely directed (Pratilom Vayu).Due to Vat dosha dryness is increased and natural lubrication is disturbed hence causes the difficulty in breathing. Breathing becomes stressful, effort full,noisy ,rate of respiration is increased And patient feels difficulty in natural process of breathing.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Asthma

According to ayurvedic concepts, tratment is divided in two major types . First is Shaman chikitsa , in which disease causing factors (doshas) are suppressed. And second is the 'Shodhan Chikitsa' in which doshas are removed from the body.In this topic we are discussing about the Shodhan Chikitsa for the Tamakshwas.

Shodhan Chikitsa of Tamak-shwas : Virechan (Purgation)
It is considered to be the main treatment factor. If in the Virechan chikitsa the doshas are removed from GI system (Annavaha strotas),it is helpful for the respiratory system . How ?
Let us see what happens when we give Virechan in Tamak-Shwas.

1) Virechan is suggested as a safe than the Vaman chikitsa (In Vaman chikitsa doshas are removed from the mouth with the help of vomitting )in shwas. Because in Vaman chikitsa direction of the doshas is upwards and t is same as a direction of doshas in the disease .Side effects of Vaman chikitsa may cause difficulty for breathing to patient.Hence shwas(breathlessness) will be increased .

2) Before the Virechan we give Snehan and swedan (Lubricating factors) it aslo helps for liquification of the doshas ,Hence after this the doshas are removed easily from the body without difficulty to patient.

3)In Tamakshwas main dosha (causing factor of the disease) is supposed to be 'Kapha dosha ' and Origin of the kapha dosha is supposed to be' Amashya'(stomach). In upper half of stomach Kaph is major and lower half' Pitta dosh' is major . When we give the Virechan chikitsa , both this doshas are removed one by one (firstly Pitta and secondly Kapha) . Hence the Samprapti(pathogenesis) of the disease is broken , Obstruction is controlled and Strotorodh (obstuction in the systems) is vanished .

4)Generally in Tamak shwas attack is in the early morning or late night. Both these periods are supposed to be time of Pitta prasar-kal (that means pitta dosha is prominent at this time and ready to transfer. So it can be easily removed with the help of Virechan) .

5) Virechan is also supposed to be the secondary treatment of kaph dosha. And Kaph dosha is the main causing factor of the Shwas.

6) Origin of the shwas rog is at the (Phupusa) lungs. Lungs are orginated from the frothing of the blood (Ayurvedic concepts of the origin of the organs)


As rakta (blood) and Pitta are supportive to each other both are cleaned with the Virechan -Shodhan chikitsa.

Useful Ayurvedic Medicines for Asthma

There are many ayurvedic preparations used successfully for the treatment of the asthma.
  • 1) shwaskuthar Ras
  • 2) Kumari Asav
  • 3)Kanakasav
  • 4)Sitopaladi Churna
  • 5)Bruhatvatchintamni ras
  • 6)sameerpannag .
  • 7)Vardhaman Pippali rasayan.

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