Ayurveda and Yoga For Muscular Dystrophy-1

Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a genetic disorder that weakens the muscles, over a period of time which disables the person to work properly. A person suffering from MD has incorrect or missing information in his genes, which prevents formation of the proteins which are necessary for the healthy development of muscles. Muscular Dystrophies are genetic i.e. a person is having the problem since his birth.

There is no fixed pattern of loss of muscles functioning. A fellow might have problem in walking and other movements of hands and feet while other might find difficulty in breathing as the first sign of loss of muscle working. With progressive muscular loss; there will be loss of functions also.
Certain Muscular Dystrophies are more in males like Duchene’s muscular dystrophy; in these females work as the carriers.

Ayurvedic Consideration of Muscular dystrophy

Ayurveda considers this condition as Mamsa-vata-kshaya (MVK) related to Beeja dosha and impairments of Mamsagni (muscle enzyme). It involves deranged Vata and subsequent degeneration of muscles and structures related to it. Ayurvedic treatment might slow or stop the progression of muscle degeneration.

Ayurvedic management of Muscular Dystrophy -

No doubt there is no clear cut description of Muscular dystrophy in Ayurveda; even than Ayurveda can help a lot in Muscular dystrophy. Ayurveda always thinks about the body as a whole not in parts so when we explore Ayurveda for treatment of muscular dystrophy we will come to the conclusion that Ayurvedic Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy will involve the pacification of the aggravation of the Vata Dosha which is resulting in loss of Mansa Dhatu (Muscular tissue).
So Ayurvedic management of Muscular Dystrophy will involve ensuring proper nutrition to the muscle tissue and to correct the fire component related with the Muscular tissue of the body ensuring proper nutrition to whole body in general and to the muscles in particular; maintaining a good range of movement of all the joints of the body and strengthening the muscles.

Possible Ayurvedic treatment of Muscular Dystrophy-
As the root cause of this problem is defect in the genetic configuration correction of the genetic configuration should be the proper treatment but there is no way to change the genetic configuration of a person. So what we can do is minimizing the severity of the problem, helping in muscle growth and improving quality of life of the concerned fellow. Accordingly the line of treatment will be:

  • A) Ensuring proper nutrition and growth of the muscles.
  • B) Maintaining a good range of movement for all the joints.
  • C) Proper nutrition to the body as a whole.

Useful Ayurvedic Herbs / Medicines for Muscular Dystrophy


Useful Ayurvedic Preparations -
(1) Mamsagni Rasayana 25 mg/ kg body weight twice daily.
(2) Sukumar Guggul Rasayana
(3) Ashwagandharista 5-10 ml twice daily.
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