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Ayurvedic Treatment for MigraineMigraine is a very common form of headache, seen in nearly 15 % of the population. Women are more likely to suffer from migraine, than men. Usually there is a hereditary component seen among sufferers.

In Ayurveda, migraine is very similar to "Anantavaata", a vata dosha disorder. There is another condition described in Ayurveda, the "Ardhavabhedak". However, ardhavabhedak only refers to the one-sided headache and does not encompass migraine completely.

Causes of Migraine
The exact cause of migraine is not known. Meaning that, it is not known why some people are prone to migraine-related headaches and some others are not. In people with migraine complaints, it is observed that there are usually some triggering factors that bring on the migraine headache.It is advisable to avoid known trigger factors, irregularity in meals, and physical and emotional stress.

Ayurvedic Consideration of Migraine

According to Ayurvedic principles, migraine is a tridosha disorder,Out of the three doshas, Vata and pitta dosha are the prominent factors. Vata controls the nervous system and brain activity and it is the imbalance of this Vata that causes the diseases. Vata imbalance arises due to improper metabolism, poor elimination, mental and physical stress, viewing of TV for long periods, reading with insufficient light, sleeplessness, etc.Out of the three doshas, pittadosha is the most prominent factor. "Pitta" causes dilation of the blood vessels, which causes the onset of a migraine attack.

From the external symptoms, it can be understood which of the three doshas is causing the attack. Refer to the following table to see what kind of migraine symptoms are shown by the doshas:-

Migraine due to Vata doshaMigraine due to Pitta doshaMigraine due to Kapha dosha
Dryness of skin
Pain is very acute
Redness and burning sensation in the eyes
Hypersensitivity to light
Headache with a dull throbbing pain

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