Mental and Emotional Wellness -2

By: Prof. Subhash Ranade and Prof. Norbert Lotz

What is Emotion ?
According to Modern Psychology Emotions are evaluative responses to environmental events that coordinate various physical and psychological sub-systems for the purpose of a best possible response. Emotions are required for our survival, communications, making decisions and happiness.

Emotions –Ayurvedic View –
Thoughts create emotions. They are associated with mood, temperament, personality, disposition and motivation. These are the effect of increase in rajas and tamas qualities of mind. They are created due to “failure of intelligence” (Pradnyaparadha) or volitional transgression which is the main cause of diseases.

Emotions –Ayurvedic classification –
Joy (Sukha /Ananda)- Pleasure, Cheerfulness, Zest, Contentment.
Grief (Dukkha) – Sorrow.
Love (Kama)–Affection, Attraction, Attachment, Infatuation, Longing, forgiveness, compassion. Intoxicating mood (Mada) – Lust, Passion.
Anger (Krodha) – Rage, Disgust, Torment.
Envy (Matsarya) – Jealousy.
Greed (Lobha) -
Sadness (Vishada) –Suffering, Disappointment, Shame, neglect.
Depression (Udvega) -
Fear (Bhaya)– Horror.
Anxiety (Chinta) - Worry, Nervousness.
Competitiveness (Irshya) -
Surprise – Frustration, irritation.

Relation between Physical Doshas / Psychological Doshas –
Vata = Vayu + Akasha = Rajas 3+ Sattva 2 + Tamas 1
Pitta = Fire + small water= Sattva 3 + Rajas 2 + Tamas 1
Kapha = Earth +Water = Tamas 3 + Sattva 2 + Rajas 1

Vata Emotions classification –
Vata and Sattva – Joy, Surprise.
Vata and Rajas – Hyperactivity, Nervousness, Fear, Anxiety.
Vata and Tamas – Confusion, Lack of direction, Indecisiveness, Sadness, Suffering, Shame, Grief or sorrow, Neglect.

Pitta Emotions classification –
Pitta and Sattva – Longing.
Pitta and Rajas - Aggressive competitiveness. Intoxicating mood, lust, passion, disgust, infatuation.
Pitta and Tamas - Anger, Rage, Hatred, Envy, Jealousy

Kapha Emotions classification –
Kapha and Sattva – Love, Affection, Attraction, Compassion, Forgiveness.
Kapha and Rajas – Attachment, Greed, Possessiveness.
Kapha and Tamas - Confusion, Depression.

Positive and Negative Emotions –
It is really difficult to classify all the emotions according to its effect on the mind and body. Because the same emotion may have different effect depending on the situation. However in general following classification can be given -
Negative emotions are- ashamed, abandoned, abused, accused, apathy, grief, fear, hatred, shame, blame, regret, resentment, anger, hostility.
Positive emotions are - interest, enthusiasm, laughter, empathy, action, curiosity.

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