Mental and Emotional Wellness -1

By: Prof. Subhash Ranade and Prof. Norbert Lotz

First late us take a look at the Ayurvedic concept of Mind.
Manas in Sanskrit, means to think, believe, imagine, suppose. It is the internal organ for perception. Link of Atma (Soul), mind, sense organs and their Objects gives the knowledge. Atman (Soul) is the basis of all experience, while Manas (mind) is only instrument of experience. According to Ayurveda, it is atomic and eternal.

Functions of Mind -
Chintya (Thinking) - Thinking of what to do and what not to do etc.
Vicharya (Analysis) - Analysis of the subject. If we do it, will it be beneficial or not.
Uhya (Speculation) - Speculation and find out probabilities
Dhyeya (Aim/Goal) - Goal setting. – Objective.
Sankalp – (Decision )- of doing various activities to achieve a goal- Determination.

Qualities of Mind -

These are super qualities responsible for creation of the Universe and Man. Qualities of mind also.
Sattva - Sat / mind, reality, truth, light, intelligence.
Rajas - Raja / stain, smoke, distraction, turbulence and mind agitated by desire.
Tamas - Tama/ dullness, darkness, inability to perceive, heaviness, lethargy and mind clouded by ignorance and lack of mental activity.

Psychological Constitution -

Predominance of these qualities creates psychological constitution of the individual. Sattva is considered as good quality and Rajas and Tamas creates diseases when in excess.
Sattva persons are health conscious by nature, Rajas persons have to be convinced and Tamas are ignorant about health.

Sattvic constitution
Sattvic person is intelligent, sensitive and understanding, ever seeking balance. He possess a good intellect and memory, and have an inherent instinct for cleanliness and purity.

Sattvic constitution and health –
Although these persons have a great deal of knowledge, they always try to gain more. They have a good will towards others and allow others to prosper. They are friendly and courteous, have faith in the Divine and devotion to what is good. Since these persons are health conscious, they follow all the rules and regulations of good and healthy life style. They have good immunity. They rarely become sick and even if some disease appears, it can be quickly recovered.

Rajasic Constitution
Rajasic person is active and aggressive, but agitated and restless. Rajasic types have a nature that tries to overpower others and have a brave but jealous and sometimes cruel character. They manifest a propulsive and dynamic energy that is ever seeking and striving and which is never contented. Seldom satisfied with the positions and possessions they achieve, they are ever trying for more. They are ambitious and industrious in nature.
Rajsic constitution and health –
Although they do not follow health rules and regulations, if they are properly convinced, they are immediately start following proper healthy routine. They tend to develop Pitta and Rakta diseases. Hence they should take proper precautions.

Tamasic Constitution
Tamasic people are lazy and ignorant and do not make any real efforts to improve their condition in life. Similarly, they are not curious about things but hold to what they already know as final. Usually they are less intelligent, prefer not to work and are interested mainly in eating and sleeping. They lack cleanliness and are not health conscious. Owing to their ignorance, they are afraid of many things and do not initiate any changes on their own. For this reason they are very difficult to treat.
Tamasic constitution and health –
These people are ignorant about the health rules and they also do not want to learn them. Hence they suffer from Kapha and Meda diseases and are very difficult to treat as they have low immunity. They also suffer from various psychological disorders.

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