Ayurveda and astrology - 3


To counter these negative planetary influences, Ayurveda suggests the use of multi-faceted herbs that not only provide curative relief to various physical afflictions but are also endowed with the preventive power to combat planetary interference.

Planets Herbs
Sun Aegle Marmelus (Bilwa)
Moon Cueumis Satirus (Cucumber)
Mars Hemidesmus indicum (Anantmool)
Mercury Bacopa monierri (Brahmi)
Jupiter Swertia Chirata (Chirata)
Venus Hydrocotyle asiatica (Mandukparni)
Saturn Nyetanthes arbortristis (Shefali)
RahuBacopa monierri (Brahmi)
KetuWithania Somnifera (Aswagandha)

In exactly the same manner precious gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, pearls, red corals, sapphires etc. can influence the effects of the planets substantially. Although they can minimise the impact of planetary afflictions.

Planets Stones
Sun Manik (Ruby)
Moon Mukta (Pearl)
Mars Praval (Coral)
Mercury Pachu (Emrald)
Jupiter Pushkraj (Tupat)
Venus Hira (Diamond)
Saturn Indraneel/Neelam
Rahu Garnet
Ketu Vaidurya


Mars, Mercury, Moon Rheumatism, musculo skeletal Red coral, emerald, dark blue pearl,
Saturn, Sun Problems and bone diseases sapphire, ruby
Mars, Mercury Digestive diseases, diabetes Red coral, white coral,emerald
Saturn, Ketu Diseases of the nervous system Dark blue sapphire
Mercury, Mars, Ketu Psychol0ogical diseases, including hysteria Emerald in the night, red coral in the day
Mars, Saturn, Rahu Skin diseases White coral, yellow sapphire
Saturn, Mars, Moon,Venus, Mercury, Jupiter Urinary and gynecological problems Pearl, diamond, red coral, yellow sapphire, emerald, topaz
Saturn, Mars Dental problems Sapphire, red coral
Saturn, Mars Ear nose, and throat problems Yellow sapphire, white coral
Saturn, Mars Blood-related problems Dark blue sapphire, emerald, ruby