Kwath in the form of readily soluble granules

By: Dr Sanjay Tamoli

As we all know that the Panchavidha kashaya kalpana. i.e. swarasa, kalka, heema. Phanta & Kwath are the basic 5 ideas on which the branch of 'Bhaishajya Kalpana' absolutely depends upon. All the future developments in this branch are further proliferations of the Panchavidha kashaya kalpana.

Kwath is one of the best dosage forms mentioned in Ayurveda. However due to inconvenience of preparing and the time involved Kwath preparations have been losing its utility. Presently there are various Kwath preparations available in liquid form which are either based on sugar or alcohol or preservatives and do not offer the complete efficacy of Kwath . Also the recommended dose of these preparations is not being taken by patients, making it even more ineffective. Above all, these liquid preparations are very difficult to carry and have a strong chance of leakage, breakage or spillage.

To overcome these disadvantages certain developments were tried & the most effective and novel idea of taking Kwath has been sought. Now keeping the formulations mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts unchanged and by applying modern manufacturing technology (with technical collaboration with Science Systems and Appliances USA) Kwaths are offered in the form of readily soluble granules-Kwath granules. These are available in a single dose pouch of 2 Gm each and offer a effect of a single dose of freshly prepared Kwath . All ingredients in granules are standardized and micronized to offer consistency and efficacy of a freshly prepared Kwath . Most importantly, as these are available in pouch form one can carry them even in pockets and purses. Unlike bottles there is no chance of leakage, breakage or spillage. These Kwath granules can be easily Couriered and transported anywhere in the world.

The Kwath granules have a rich original taste of fresh Kwath . It does not contain any sugar, alcohol or any harmful preservatives. Therefore it can be easily taken by everyone children, old age, pregnant & lactating women and most importantly Diabetics.

The usage of Kwath granules is also very simple. 2 gm of granules (one pouch) has to be added to a cup of warm water, stirred for one minute and then drink. The granules can be taken in normal water also or can be taken directly and water can be taken over it.