Ayurvedic Treatment for Piles/Hemorrhoids

Piles is a very common problem nowadays and is a painful and rather embarrassing condition for a patient.

The most common reason is the changed diet and lifestyle. It is also very common in pregnant women. Piles is actually a bunch of veins which are normally surrounding the external opening i.e anus but when these start to protrude out of their normal place because of over straining due to any reason ( constipation, pregnancy) this becomes a disease called piles or hemorrhoids. These tortuous veins start to bleed sometime due to rubbing of hard stool.

Types of Hemorrhoids

pilesThere are two main types of hemorrhoids. These are classified according to their location – internal or external. Internal hemorrhoids are those that are located in the inner lining of the anal region. These veins, in the rectum, are concealed and therefore cannot be felt. These hemorrhoids are usually painless. They are not visible but can get inflamed and lead to bleeding. The hemorrhoids located on the external side of the rectum are both painful, visible and can be felt as well. When they get too inflamed, they can burst or begin bleeding. They are the trouble making type.

Ayurvedic consideration of Piles

Piles are known as ‘Arsh or Arsha’ as per ayurveda. The literal meaning of Arsh is ‘enemy’. This disease is really true enemy of humans. In Sanskirt it is mentioned “Arivat pranan hanti” i.e. causing discomfort and pain in life like an enemy.

Ayurveda approaches piles in many ways. This includes diet, lifestyle, herbal supplements, medication, exercise and even massage. Since constipation is one of the main causes of piles, most of the treatment is focused on ensuring good digestive health. However, if you already have painful piles, Ayurvedic treatment focuses on treating the symptoms and improving your quality of life.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Piles

  • Diet: Ayurvedic texts suggest moderating your diet permanently for effective treatment of piles. This would mean that you would have to avoid very starchy foods such as potato, yellow pumpkin and colocasia. Instead, you should add some more fibre to your diet. Sesame and mango seeds can be added to your diet to add bulk to it and prevent constipation. You can eat fruits such as jambul, dried figs, amalaki and papaya as these are all natural stool softeners. Vegetables that have a lot of roughage, such as radish, turnip,onions, bitter gourd (karela) and ginger are great additions to the diet too. Consumption of dietary staples such as rice and wheat can be continued.
  • Life Style: You may also have to incorporate some basic lifestyle changes.Regular exercise is certainly a must. In addition to that, you must focus on having a normal and healthy sex life. Avoid sitting for long periods of time and use only soft, cushioned seats when you sit. Drink lots of water to keep your stools soft and prevent constipation. An occasional colon cleanse can be helpful.
  • Herbs for Piles: Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula) and Suran are two of the herbs usually used for the treatment of piles.Suran is a vegetable widely found in India, also known as Yam, Elephant foot yam (as it resembles elephant foot), Jimikand, Whitespot giant arum. Both these herbs help you improve your digestive system.
  • Ayurvedic Medicines for Piles: Ayurveda has promising ayurvedic medicine for piles. These medicines include Arshohar Vati, Abhayarishta, Arshhar Gutika, Arshoghni Vati, Kankayan Vati, etc. Arshoghni Vati is commonly used for bleeding piles and Kankayan Vati is used for non-bleeding piles. These are two main ayurvedic medicines for hemorrhoid treatment in Ayurveda.

Preventive Tips for Piles

  • Drink a lot of water and other fluids
  • Eat fiber rich foods – Whole grain, bran, cereals, breads with whole grains, fresh leafy vegetables, fruits.
  • Never hold the urge to pass stool.
  • Do not over strain yourself
  • Loose weight if obese
  • Keep the anal region clean
  • Take a break from your long sitting job. Don’t keep sitting for long hours.
  • Keep the sitting surface soft so that it does not restrict the blood flow around anal region.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and heavy, greasy sticky foods
  • Avoid irregular eating pattern and adopt a regular lifestyle.

Home Remedies For Piles

  • One can apply a mix of turmeric powder, neem powder, aloe vera juice on the pile mass before going to bed.
  • One can also apply papaya juice mixed with mustard oil
  • Ayurvedic oils called ‘kaasisadi oil and nirgundi oil mixed together are applied externally on the piles. This helps in shrinking the pile mass and relieves itching.
  • For painful and protruding piles, Sitz bath with the Ayurvedic oils are the best way to prevent infection and inflammation.
  • Tablespoonful of psyllium husk is also recommended once daily before going to bed, Avoid herbs like Senna and regular use of laxatives to get rid of constipation.
  • Mild fiber rich laxatives like bael powder, Amlatas, Aloe vera juice can be used
  • An mixture containing 10 grams of pulp of ripe Bael fruit, 3 grams of sugar, powder of 7 black peppers and 13 cardamoms is very effective ayurvedic treatment to check bleeding from piles.
  • Triphala is an effective age old Ayurvedic remedy for piles and constipation. It is useful for relieving constipation.