Your Dosha and Suitable Exercises

We don't know if exercising add years to your life , but it certainly add life in your years !!

Dosha refers to three basic metabolic principles connecting the mind, the body and biological humour. These three doshas are often described as the manifestations of natural forces at work in the body. Each dosha is defined by two of the five natural elements: space, air, fire, water and earth.

Vata is the space and air principle and is embodied by ether. It resides in the spaces of your body, filling empty airspaces and channels, helping to govern the function of the nervous system.
Pitta is the fire and water principle and exists within your body mainly as bile and acid, and is most closely associated with the digestive and elimination systems.
Kapha refers to the water and earth principle, relating to the respiratory system and mucous membranes, governing the majority of our physical composition.

Exercise should align with one's dosha. Each dosha does better with certain exercises. Say someone is very Kapha. They're slow and don't like to move a lot, but they have incredible strength and stamina-it's important to suggest a long, brisk walk. On the other hand, Vata types have naturally high energy levels. If they are overweight, they still need to have some exercise, but that exercise will be slower and more rhythmic in order to calm them. Pitta types fall somewhere in the middle and benefit from moderate exercise.

Given below are for some basic guidelines for your referance.

[Ayurvedic exercise plan according to dosha

Exercises for vata :

Vata personalities excel in sports that require quick bursts of speed and agility. As Vatas tend to get worn out; having a low reserve of energy. The worst thing folks with the Vata dosha can do is to physically overextend themselves. Vatas are relatively flexible, loving exercise like Yoga and Pilates, where we can stretch and warm our muscles. Vatas also like exercises where they can have fun, because they tend to get bored easily; anything new and interesting gets their attention. No kidding! Also important for us Vatas is the chance to renew our spirit with a hot shower after exercise.

Best exercises for Vata :

Low-impact activities like:
Weights/strength training
Ballet-inspired and bar classes

Vata personalities should avoid anything too cardio intensive will increase the already swift motion in their mind-body and will stiffen muscles and joints.

Exercises for Pitta :

Pitta personalities excel in individual competition which requires strength, speed and stamina. The thing about pittas is that they are naturally muscular and pretty good athletes so they actually seek out physical activity. They really like the physicality of exercise so a pitta doesn’t need a whole lot of motivation to get moving. However, they need to stay cool and stay away from anything too competitive, stressful, or too hot. Pittas will do best with a combo of cardio (they love to sweat), like cycling or swimming and a consistent yoga practice is very helpful to destress. Cool air and cool water will make pitta feel like they’ve had an awesome workout but will not overheat them.

Best exercises for Pitta:

Competitive or team sports:
Cooling sports like:Swimming diving, and other water sports

Pittas should NOT exercise in the sun or do bikram yoga!

Exercises for Kapha:

Kapha personalities excel in endurance and mind-body skills; Kaphas do well under pressure because of their stable and easy-going nature.Kaphas have a lot of stored-up energy, allowing them the ability to thrive during strenuous exercise—actually, need to move and sweat to burn off that energy so that it doesn’t turn to bulk.

Best exercise for Kapha

Stimulating, regular exercise:
Running, Treadmill
Cardio is best for kapha. Cardio can range from run-walking, power walking, elliptical trainer, or anything aerobic.

Overall, the key to remember is that the best exercise for you is the one that you will actually do. Make sure that exercise is fun and keeps you focused on your end goal, whether it be general health, weight gain or weight loss. Whatever keeps your juices flowing, keeps you motivated and exercising is generally what is recommended.

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