CORONA OUTBURST – An Ayurvedic Perspective

By- Prof. Dr. Mandar Bedekar

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In view of the Panic observed worldwide owing to the CORONA OUTBURST since last couple of months, this article is being written.

coronavirus outburstCORONA OUTBURST has certainly shaken the mankind and besides it’s Socio-Economic impacts and other possible consequences, it’s direct and indirect impact on HUMAN HEALTH is of a huge magnitude. As CORONA OUTBURST is said to threaten Human Life, there’s certainly a global need that all the Health Professionals and related experts / workers brainstorm with conscience. AYURVEDA, being a Science of Life, obviously has a lot to offer.

The Problem – Lack of Knowledge about Specific medicine(s), High Mortality Rate in Old Age Patients and Immunity concerns are the three main problems in context with the current Corona Outburst.

CORONA Outburst - Ayurvedic Perspective

AYURVEDA, being a time-tested Life Science, can certainly contribute fight the current PANDEMIC in the following three ways
A)Suggesting Immunity Boosters
B)Suggesting Use of Specific Medicines for Specific Conditions
C)Undertaking Scientifically designed Research to find medicine(s)

Suggesting Immunity Boosters

Though the concepts about Immunity in the Modern western Medicine and those in the Ayurvedic Texts don’t match exactly, Ayurveda can certainly suggest a Number of options which would boost the Immunity of a Human Being. Considering the wide range of possible Immunity Boosters from Ayurvedic Wisdom and anticipating rejection / blame game / Acceptance with skepticism/ Criticism from the Modern Western Community, the Author would prefer just to mention them briefly in a Tabular form. Anybody, if curious to know more should enter into deeper study of the following or else should consult An Ayurvedic Expert on this.

No. Suggested Booster Catagory/Part Used Scientific Name Rationale Comment
1 Amalaki Herb/Fruit Emblica officinalis Probably the richest source of Vit.C Gallic Acid in it makes Vit. C more stable
2 Guduchi Herb/Stem Tinospora cordifolia -- A Longevity Medicine
3 Pippali Herb/Fruit Piper longum Time tested for Pulmonary diseases Also a Longevity Medicine
4 Yashtimadhu Herb/Root Glycerrhiza glabra Efficacy of Glycerine already proved Also a Longevity Medicine
5 Lashuna Herb/Root Alium sepa Efficacy of Allacine already proved --
6 Haritaki Herb/Fruit Terminalia chebula Anti-Viral actions are observed Recommended for Immuno-compromised people
7 Haridra Herb/Root Curcuma longa / domestica Action on Lungs & blood are proved Recommended for anti-microbial action
8 Trikatu Herbal Combination Zinziber officinale + Piper nigrum + Piper longum Proven to increase ‘Bio-availability’ --
9 Shilajatu Mineral ZBlack Bitumen -- --
10 Gold Mineral -- Anti-Oxidant --

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