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Vol. 19 - Issue - 4 1 - April - 2019
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From Editor's Desk:
Dear Reader,


Welcome to the April issue of 'AFY-IAA Newsletter'. Article in this issue is "Effective Ways for Elderly to Improve Memory" and it is written by our reader Holly Klamer
Genetics play a vital role in a senior citizen’s memory, but there are proven scientific research papers,showing that lifestyle, diet, and sleep cycle can affect memories in many ways.

We appeal all your colleagues from the field of Ayurveda to contribute interesting Articles for this newsletter.

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Dr.Shashikant PatwardhanDr.Ranade



Dr.Shashikant Patwardhan  & Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade.

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Article 6 - Nepal

Article of the Month : Effective Ways for Elderly to Improve Memory

Memory keeps all visuals in the brain. It allows us to know ourselves as well as others. Scientifically, it’s a very mysterious part of the body, with mysteries that even the finest technology cannot unfold. It has astounding abilities to modify and change accordingly and retain memories.
According to Senior Guidance, genetics play a vital role in a senior citizen’s memory, especially when it comes to diseases like Alzheimer's or Dementia. But there are proven scientific research papers, which support the fact that even lifestyle, diet, or sleep cycle can affect memories in many ways.

Following are some effective, scientific ways for older adults to improve their memory:

  • 1. Meditation to Improve Working Memory- Working Memory is when a brain stores some information on a temporary basis to carry out immediate cognitive tasks.It works counter intuitively, as during meditation the brain stops processing information as actively as it normally would. Meditation also helps to improve concentration. As per a study, there has been significant progress in working memory right after 2 consistent weeks of meditation.
  • 2. Practice Mindfulness-Mindfulness is a part of Meditation. Practicing mindfulness means, concentrating or focusing attention on body, breath, thoughts, feelings or bodily sensations or anything arising in the very moment. Practicing mindfulness even for a few minutes each and every day can change the structure of a brain....
  • 3. Exercise to Improve Memory Recall- Recalling memories refers to the mental process of recalling a memory from past incidents. It is a three-tier process of memory which does encoding and also acts as storage. Though there are numerous advantages of exercise, the improvised, vivid and sharp memory is one of them...
  • 4. Train Your Brain- A strong memory is dependent upon the health and vivacity of your brain. It doesn't matter if you are a student, preparing for your exam or a working professional striving to move ahead. There are methods to improve your memory which are well accepted in the world. Make sure to get your daily dose of brain workout by learning something new every day...
  • 5. Drink Coffee to Improve Memory Consolidation- Research has shown that people who ingested caffeine in a proportionate quantity had a better memory and performed well during memory recall tests than the ones who didn't consume any caffeine. Coffee has significant effects on an older adult’s memory....
  • 6. Get Enough Sleep- Sleeping is more like rebooting your brain than just a way of resting. Sleeping has proven to be the most effective way of improving memory as the most process of memory consolidation occurs during sleep....
    So Train your memory daily to make sure your brain stays sharp and youthful

Read complete article Here.

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