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Vol. 18 - Issue - 2 1 - February - 2018
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From Editor's Desk:
Dear Reader,


Welcome to the February issue of 'AFY-IAA Newsletter'. Article in this issue is "Sinusitis (Dushta Pinas): Ayurvedic Cure".
To get relief from sinusitis you should follow all precautionary measures, proper diet, Ayurveda Medicines, Yoga and should apply suggested home remedies

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Dr.Shashikant Patwardhan  & Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade.

IAA News

International Conference on Ayurveda – This two days conference (14 th and 15 th January) was jointly organized by DPU and International Academy of Ayurveda. On January 14 th this conference was inaugurated by Ayush Minister Shri Sripad ji Naik. Other dignitaries present were Dr. Rajdan, V.C. DPU, Dr. Somnath Patil, Secretary DPU, Prof. Emeritus Subhash Ranade, Chairman, IAA, Dr. Sunanda Ranade, Vice –chairman, IAA, Dr. Jose Rugue, Dr. B.P. Pandey, Dean of Ayurveda college, both Presidents of the congress, Mr. Joaquim Jorge, Prof. Dr. Gunvnat Yeola both Vice-Presidents of the congress, along with Dr. Shailesh Gujar, and Dr. Dipankar.
During the inauguration, Dr. Sunanda and Dr. Subhash Ranade Foundation, Award for the best book of the year was given to Dr. Subhash Waghe, for his book- ‘Integrated Approach to clinical methods in Ayurveda.’ Later on Sripad ji Naik, Minister for Ayush, Delhi released two books – one was by Prof. Subhash Ranade and Dr. Sunanda Ranade –‘Around the World with Ayurveda and Yoga’ and the other was by Prof. Pandey and Madhu Pandey –‘Holistic approach to health’
More than 560 delegates from different States of India were present and 18 resource persons presented their talks in 5 scientific sessions. The main Speakers were –Dr. Jose Rugue (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Joaquim Jorge, (Lisbon, Portugal), Prof. Dr. Robert Schneider (MUM, USA), Dr. V. L. Shyam (Dubai, UAE), Daniela Stan-Sion (Bucharest, Romania), Dr. Swati Mohite (Ayurveda College, BVDU, Pune), Dr. Neelam (BHU, Varanasi), Dr. S. Gopakumar (Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala), Dr. Rohit Sane (Madhavbaug, Mumbai), Dr. Gaurang Joshi (Rajkot), Vaidya G. G. Gangadharan (Bangalore), Dr. Anil and Dr. Amrapali Patil (Vedicure, Mumbai), Dr. Mangesh Deshpande (Dombivali, Mumbai), Dr. Sukumar Sardeshmukh (Wagholi, Pune), Dr. Amod Sane (Green Pharmacy, Pune) and Mr. Ranjit Puranik (CEO of Shri Dhootpapeshwar, Mumbai) gave lectures pertaining to the theme of –‘Ayurveda for Disease Free Society’.

For detail report of the conference visit here- https://ayurveda-foryou.com/iaa-news.html

TANMAN Ayurvedic Research Center –Formal opening of this joint project of IAA with Vrindavan Cow Club (Mr. Anna Bharekar and Dr. Amod Sane of Green Pharmacy) was organized on Sunday 21 st January 2018. This facility is situated at Bhukum on Paud road at Khatpewadi. Along with Ayurvedic Treatment center there is organic farming, Pathyam restaurant and facility of residential quarters for patients. Entire project is situated on 27 acres lush green land. IAA team taking care of Ayurvedic treatment comprises –Dr. Subhash Ranade, Dr. Sunanda Ranade, Dr. Abhijit Jinde, Dr. Gunvant Yeola, Dr. Sabade Mahesh, Dr. Sujata Yeola, Dr. Shilpa Thorat, Dr. Neelima Patil, Dr. Supriya Gugale and Dr. Sunita Chaudhari.

Key note Speakers for Brazil Conference – Following IAA members have been approved by the scientific committee of Ayurveda Conference in Rio (Brazil) – Prof. Vadjikar Vivek (Jalgaon), Prof. Bedekar Mandar, Prof. Abhijit Jinde, Prof. Sabade Mahesh and Dr. Supriya Gugale.

Dr. Supriya Gugale – was invited as Key note speaker by All India Institute of Ayurveda, Delhi on the topic of ‘Garbha Sanskar – A scientific approach (SOP) in perceptional and prenatal care through Ayurveda. She delivered her lecture on 19-Jan.

Publication of rare Manuscripts in Book form – Rashtra Gaurav Publications from Nagpur have published – 1. Harita Samhita, 2. Videha Nimi Tantra, 3. Ksharapani Samhita, 4. Jatukarna Samhita, 5. Kharanada Samhita, 6. An insight to Bhoj Tantra. Dr. Subhash Waghe and his co-authors have done this Great Job.

Article of the Month :
Sinusitis (Dushta Pinas): Ayurvedic Cure

Nasal and facial bones have empty spaces, called sinuses. The inner lining of these sinuses are lined with soft mucus membrane. Due to different causes, the mucus membrane swells (inflammation). This leads to accumulation of mucus or phlegm in these sinus cavities. This gets infected when it is long standing and leads to sinusitis.

Sinusitis Causes:
Increased intake of dry, oily, spicy, or too hot or too cold foods, and foods that are heavy, indigestible and incompatible foods causes swelling and irritation of the tissues of the sinuses. Other factors responsible for this condition are suppressing natural urges of tears and vomiting, exposure to cold or dusty and dry weather, staying awake till late in the night, and sleeping in the daytime.

Tips for Prevention from sinusitis - 1)Avoid Cold drinks.2) Do not stay long time in Air condition room and avoid direct cool air to face and head.3) No frequent cool water head bath, only to take warm water bath...

Ayurveda treatment for sinusitis: - Ayurvedic treatment of sinusitis involves liquefying and expelling aggravated doshas with the use of certain Ayurvedic herbs and diet as well as nasal therapies and applications.

  • The Panchakarma treatment of Nasya is quite effective in dealing with sinusitis.
    Nasya with Shad Bindu Tailam or Anu tailam: This nasal drops will reduce nose congestion and ...
    Dhumapana with Haridra churnam etc. can clear the pathway and reduce the kapha....
    Nasal steam inhalation with addition of Few drops of Mixture of Camphor, Menthol, etc. steam should be inhaled twice daily. This will reduce congestion.
  • Ayurvedic Medicines - Maha Laxmi Vilas Ras or Lakshmi Vilas Ras,Chitraka Hareetaki lahyam....
  • Yoga for sinusitis: Jalaneti (Nasal Cleansing with Water): Jalaneti is quite effective Yogic practice to cure headache...
    Pranayamas like Kapalabhati, Bhastrika...
    Yogasanas that are useful include Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose),Sarvangasana (All Limbs Pose)...

Useful Home remedies For Sinusitis:
-- Take a steam. Hot water vapor with turmeric powder and eucalyptus oil....
-- Roast 1 tsp cumin seeds, crush them and add 1 tbsp honey...

Read Complete article Here.»

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