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Vol. 19 - Issue - 6 1 - June - 2019
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From Editor's Desk:
Dear Reader,


Welcome to the June issue of 'AFY-IAA Newsletter'. Article in this issue is about "International Yoga Day". 5 Th International Yoga Day will be celebrated on Friday, 21 June 2019. This Day is used to impart knowledge and information about the facts and effects of Yoga on the health of the people.

We appeal all your colleagues from the field of Ayurveda to contribute interesting Articles for this newsletter.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we are committed to you leading a happier life with the help of Ayurveda. Please don't forget to give your Feedback when you visit the website this time

Dr.Shashikant PatwardhanDr.Ranade



Dr.Shashikant Patwardhan  & Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade.

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New Frontiers of Ayurveda

Prof. Em. Dr. Subhash Ranade,Chairman, IAA And Dr. Sunanda Ranade,Vice-Chairman, IAA, are starting this new series of articles. In this series they are going to include countries they have visited, but were not included in their book-Around the World with Ayurveda and Yoga- because at the time of their visit they could not find any resources of Ayurvedic Practitioners and Institutions. After the visit now they are getting information from students, patients and tourists coming from these countries, that there is favorable ground for propagation of Ayurveda and further scope for growth of both Ayurveda and Yoga.
Article 6 - Nepal

Article of the Month : International Yoga Day

A step towards the right direction was taken back in December 2014, when United Nation decided to dedicate 21st June as the International Day of Yoga, thanks to the initiative of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This will not only help in spreading awareness, but also, provide a platform for the organisations, institutes and practitioners that are dedicated in imparting the authentic system of yogic practices, and showcase it to the world.

Yoga derives from Hindu religious practices as a form of meditation and exercise meant to unite mind and body. However, it has spread all over the world even among those not following Eastern religions. Yoga has become very popular, and it was made a UN observance to promote “health, harmony, and peace”.

There is a reason behind celebrating International Yoga Day on June 21. It is 'Grishma Sankranti' on this day. On this day the Sun begins to move from north to south in the context of the earth. By the 21st of June, the sun moves in front of the Northern Hemisphere. After 21st June it starts moving towards the Southern Hemisphere.

International Yoga Day is used to celebrate to make the people to get them every kind of knowledge and information about the facts and effects of Yoga on the health of the people. Yoga gives the people much more calmness and peace with lots of Confidence and Courage to the people by which they can do many of the activities in a better way. Yoga makes the people to create a better attitude towards every people by which there is lot of better coordination with many of the people. Yoga gives lots of Confidence and knowledge which is helpful for the people to create a lot of better attitude amongst every citizen to focus on the developmental and welfare activities for the people.

Yoga is a type of Meditation which gives everyone lot of peace and makes them aware of their goals which they have to do it in their life for everyone’s betterment. It gives everyone happiness and joy with lot of achievement of many of the tasks. It is very important for the people to know all the effects of the Yoga to create a positive in them for doing the Yoga. Yoga is used to practice by lots of people today to get them relief from every Mental as well as Physical problems. Yoga keeps the people to maintain their Body better in such a way that they can manage every task with proper ideas and Confidence without any mistakes.

Yoga is the only way in the whole life by which we can attain 5 best qualities – Strength, Wisdom, Superiority, Virility, Truthfulness.

Today people are used to do meditation for their self Relaxation and Body to grow in a better way. People are curious to do many type of activities by which they can be able to go ahead in future. So Today there is race between every citizen in the Country to go ahead in life than the other people. There are many companies in which people are used to work for many hours for achieving lot of target. So it is important for every people to do Yoga for their better life and their body to get relaxed for other activities to be done.

Read complete article Here.

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