International Academy of Ayurveda News
For August 2018

IAA news in India

  • 1.Professor Emeritus Subhash Ranade and Dr. Mrs. Sunanda Ranade were invited by the British Business Group, Pune Chapter. He delivered a speech on ‘Creating Global footprints for Ayurveda’ which was well appreciated by the audience.
  • 2. Professor Emeritus Subhash Ranade and Dr. Sunanda Ranade has been invited by NIMACONF 2018 at Nagpur for delivering lecture. The conference will be held at ‘Naivedhyam Estoria’ on Sept. 29 and 30 / 2018
  • 3. Visit of Dr. Kshirsagar to TANMAN Research Centre –Internationally travelling Ayurveda Physician and Dean of Ayurveda @ Mount Medona Centre, California (USA), Dr. Suhas Khirasagar visited TANMAN Research Centre on 15th August. Dr. Subhash Ranade, Dr. Sunanda Ranade and  IAA’s faculty members had a visionary and fruitful discussion with Dr. Kshirasagar. 
  • 4.Z 24Tass’ (a wing of the Zee Television Network), has recently announced Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Emeritus Subhash Ranade. Congratulations to Hon. Dr. Ranade Sir !!!
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  • 5.WACA conference Feb. 2019 – World Ayurveda Conference, Ahmedabad, (WACA 2019) is scheduled to be held on 15th to 17thFebruary at Ahmedabad.
    It is organized by two eminent Ayurveda Practitioners from Gujarat, India Dr. Prerak Shah, Director - Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital, Ahmedabad and Dr. Gaurang Joshi, Director - Atharva Multi Specialty Ayurveda Hospital, Rajkot.
    WACA will be focused on the theme of Pain Management with Ayurveda. Various national and International speakers and very learned scholars will share their knowledge and experience with participants. WACA is a bridge of interaction between upcoming Ayurveda practitioners and very senior Vaidyas. It will be an event to highlight evidence based Ayurveda. We wish all Ayurveda lovers to participate in this event and support us.

IAA news Abroad

  • 1.Maharishi Ayurveda in association with IAA has organized an International Conference on Ayurveda. This Conference is being held  during 1st & 2nd September,2018 at Conference Hall, Hotel Holiday Inn, Leiden (Netherlands)
  • 2.Following representatives of IAA are participating in the Conference at Leiden – Dr. Mandar Bedekar (Director), Dr. Gunvant Yeola (Director), Dr. Swati Chobhe (Senior Faculty), Dr. Supriya Gugale (Senior Faculty), Dr. Chitra Bedekar (Senior Faculty), Dr. Meghana Kulkarni, and Dr. Pranav Khasgiwale 
  • 3.Another conference is organized in Slovenia during 21st  and 23rd  September, 2018 by Maharishi Ayurveda in association with IAA.
  • 4.To continue the momentum Ayurveda has gained, Maharishi Ayurveda will conduct two more symposia in Europe, one  during 7/8 September in Paris and another on 26th September in Graz (Austria)
  • 5.After the conference in Leiden gets over, IAA faculty members will travel to different parts of the world for propagation of Ayurveda. Dr. Mandar Bedekar ( Director of IAA) will be in Brazil & then in Portugal, Dr. Supriya Gugale will visit MERU (the headquarters of Maharishi) and  Dr. Chitra Bedekar will visit Vienna (Austria) 
  • 6. Dr.Gaurang Joshi has been invited by the Group of Latvian Ayurveda Practitioners to conduct Ayurveda Master Class,Seminars and Ayurveda Panchakarma Retreat from 19th October to 14th November,also he has been invited to deliver a guest lecture at Embassy of India,Riga,Latvia