Puran Ghrita(Old Ghee) in Ayurveda

By- Dr. Avnish K. Upadhyay

Ghee is called old if it is stored for more than 6 months, newly prepared (fresh) ghee should not be used. Old ghee has various uses in diseased such as tension, disorders of head, ear, eye and uterus. It has been recently scientifically proved that it is very useful in treating wounds caused due to diabetes, fainting, and ulcers. People believe that intake of ghee causes increase of cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, jaundice which is totally unscientific.

Merits of Ghee

A spastic and lean man when made to undergo snehana (through ghee) shows a drastic change making him mentally balanced and stout. Ghee is best suited for improving intelligence, curing insanity, increasing sexual power, good eyesight, and good voice, those suffering from injury to chest, emaciation, visarpa, tuberculosis and fever. It is best among fatty materials. It is a good coolant thus it possesses one thousand good qualities and does thousand actions when used with proper processing.

Demerits or Contraindications of Ghee
Living life according to desha (habitat), kala (time) and along with morality is good life. And the science which shows light in this path is Ayurveda. This being nectar to life if not followed strictly will turn in to poison. Similarly ghee is also contraindicated for some individuals at certain times. Those being over obese and having kapha, medas in excess and those who do not do exercise should not take ghee in excess or regularly.

Those people suffering from oozing from mouth and anus, who have take alcoholic drink, whose doshas are accumulated in the body and those having tonsillitis should not consume ghee in excess. After having taken ghee one should not drink hot water immediately. These are some points to be kept in mind.

Some Medicated Ghee

Persons who are not affectionate towards ghee may some time have to take treatment along with ghee. In that condition ghee processed along with suitable medicines might be useful. Also in certain conditions processed ghee is only prescribed. These medicated ghees have specific actions. For Example:
1. When there is fever in whole body, gudchi ghrita, Triplala Ghrita, Vasa Ghrita etc. are used which give good results.
2. Processed ghee such as Panchakola Ghrita, Nagara Ghrita, Chitraka Ghrita are used in the treatment of udara roga (abdominal disorder), vatavistambha, gulma and piles.

3. Ghee processed with bitter herbs like -Kadunimb, Kutaki, Daruharidra, Chandan, Kaduindravan, Lucoric, Bahava etc. is called 'Mahatiktak ghrita' and it is an excellent remedy for skin diseases, Hyperacidity etc.

Shata Dhout Ghrita (100 times washed ghrita) :
Traditional Ayurvedic Skin Cream - It's completely natural and chemical free. Very useful for achiving radient and glowing skin.
Shatadhout Ghrita is preapred from organic ghee (made from cow milk) by washing it repeatedly 100 times using specific method prescribed in Ayurveda. This process transforms the ghee into a soft ,cooling, nourishing, silky cream.
Recommended use: It is an excellent Astringent, Moisturiser, Anti-wrinkle & Cleansing cream. Can be used as a daily moisturizer on the face (or whole body) or for facial massage. Also, has calming effect on reddish or burned skin, and on eczema and rosacea.

Dr. Avnish Upadhyay, BAMS, PGDCR is a Senior Scientist & H.O.D. Department of Ayurved Research & Development, DYMT (SIRO), Haridwar He can be contacted at - avnishdr @ yahoo.co.in

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