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What is an eBook?

An eBook is computer software that you download and read on your computer . It's like a regular book, but much better.

Why would I want to read eBooks?

They're fast -- Can be Downloaded instantly.
They're portable -- Carry a whole library on your laptop or portable eBook device.
They're easy -- Search the text to find exactly what you are looking for.
They're fun -- Be among the first to join the reading revolution!

How do I get this eBook?

Once you provide payment (e.g., with an online check or credit card) on our super secure server, we will email you the download link.

Won't it strain my eyes to read on the screen?

Microsoft Reader software features ClearType™ display technology, which makes text appear crisp and clear on LCD screens. The Acrobat eBook Reader also allows you to "sharpen" the text.It won't strain your eyes.

Will this eBook software hurt my computer?

Absolutely Not!! It's a single file and it will not hurt your computer. Thousands of people have downloaded the files and no one has ever had a problem.

Do I need special software to read eBooks?

You will require software like Acrobat eBook Reader, which allows you to read eBooks easily and comfortably. Adjusting the font, turning the pages, and making annotations is easy with an eBook reader.

Personal Consultation

Q. What is the procedure to obtain Personal consultation?

A. Following procedure is recommended:

1.Make necessary payment either by paying through 'Paypal' or by other modes

2.Fill in the 'Prakriti Determination' form

3.Fill in the 'Health History Form'

Q. What is the Cost of a Consultation?

A. Consultation will cost you Rs. 250/-if you are Indian recident and are making payment from India and $25 for all others who are residing outside India.

Q. What will happen after submitting the forms ?

A.After carefully examining the information the physician will contact you via e-mail if some additional information is required, and then you will receive the advice according to your ailment.

Q. What Does a Consultation Involve?

A.The consultation will consist of:-
* Prakriti of the patient
* Diagnosis of the disease
* Prescribing Diets, lifestyles, and home remedies
* Suggesting medicines
* In chronic diseases, specific products can be ordered additionally.

Q. Why should I go for Ayurveda, instead of other system of medicine ?

A.Ayurveda treats the disease from the root of pathogenesis more willingly than any other system of medicine as well as promotes good physical, mental and spiritual health. It has less side effects then any other system of medicine and gives permanent freedom from ailments.

Q.How will I know if my disease is curable or not?

A.After carefully examining the information you have provided the physician will contact you via e-mail

Q. Is there any money back guarantee for the treatments?

A. There is no money back guarantee on the treatments, but in most of the cases the treatment is initially prescribed for one month to watch the effect on the patient. If you feel your body is responding to treatment then continue otherwise stop the treatment.

Q. Are the treatment's offered online are same for everyone?

A. No, the treatment's offered on the site are different for different patient's. In fact, these are specialized treatments tailor made by the Ayurvedic physicians as per the patient's Prakriti and other Dosha profile. Therefore it is advisable to provide the accurate information at the time of filling the Health History Form.

Q. Does the Consultation price include Treatment charges?

A. No these are the charges for Consultation only.You can purchase the suggested medicines localy.

Q. Is it necessary to follow vegetarian diet while taking Ayurvedic treatment?

A.Yes, it is advisable to follow vegetarian diet while taking Ayurvedic treatment. Ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic texts mentioned three types of diet namely Sattvika, Rajasika and Tamasika diet on the basis of nutrition of mind through food. Vegetarian diet mostly considered as a Sattvika diet and non-vegetarian diet is considered as a Rajasika or Tamasika diet.

Health Service Directory

Q. Who should list himself in this derectory?

A.If you are one or more of the following you should list here
Qualified Ayurvedic Vaidya
Yoga and/or panchakarma,massage therapists
Physician who promotes ayurvedic medicine in his practice
Vendors servicing the medical community.
Ayurvedic drug manufacturers,
Dealers of Ayurvedic drugs and/or medicinal herbs
Dealers of Ayurvedic books,CD's etc.

Q.Why should I get listed?

A. It has got no. of advantages.This FREE database is viewed and searched by the large number of readers to get information about the service providers in their area and it is an effective and efficient means of advertising your business.

Q.How should I get listed in this directory?

A.You have to fill and submit Input Form for-FREE LISTING on the site.

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