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Healthy Computing Guide

healthy computingStay healthy and avoid injury while working long hours on your PC. This ebook teaches you how to not develop crippling 'carpal tunnel syndrome' and protect against harmful radiation.

This is an e-guide on tips and tricks to minimize or eradicate your identified stress and strain while using your computer and how to stay healthy though you have to work on your computer all day and thus enables you to design your own workstation. This guide has everything you need to know about the computer work hazards and the preventive techniques you need to follow to make your stay in front of the computer, trouble free.

  • Is there a term called overuse of computers? If so, where do I draw the line?
  • If I have to use it on a daily basis, how many hours of my presence in front of this machine is recommended?
  • Will I be able to finish my work if I am to follow my recommended time schedule?
You can find answer to lot of such questions while reading through this book.

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