ebook- Ayurvedic Art of Diagnosis

Ayurvedic Art of Diagnosis

|| Parikshakarino hi Kushala Bhavanti ||

The (physician) who first examines the patient and then start the treatment becomes successful.-- Charak Sutra 10/5

In ayurveda, 50% medicine is correct diagnosis itself. It is not difficult to treat any disease, once correctly diagnosed.

Ayurveda is the practice based medicines. Correct diagnosis can be done only after proper clinical examination. Ayurveda treats patient as a whole and not only disease and hence proper clinical examination is of utmost importance.

The Knowledge of signs and symptoms of disease, is utmost important for diagnosis. It is only this tool without which physician cannot succeed in practice.

There is long history of clinical examination in Ayurveda which is depicted in the three main Samhitas i.e. Compendia’s or books written by Legends of Ayurveda namely Charak, Sushruta and Vagbhat.

A very important message from all these Samhitas is :-
A careful inquiry and thorough physical examination of the patient concerning his constitution and illness leads to Pathogenesis of the disease. From this it is very easy to find out the aggravated doshas and the affected organs, tissues, channels etc. Once this picture becomes clear, it is very easy to finalize the treatment procedures.

Observe, record, tabulate, and communicate. Use your five senses.... Learn to see, learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to smell, and know that by practice alone you can become expert. Medicine is learned by the bedside and not in the classroom. Let not your conceptions of disease come from words heard in the lecture room and read from the book . See, and then reason and compare and control. But see first.

The aim of clinical diagnosis is to find the relation between the symptoms and respective aggravated doshas.

The correct interpretation of these facts and systematic reasoning based on them, are essential to arrive at the accurate diagnosis and prognosis and to decide the right line of treatment. Methodical investigation and logical decision are the foundation of this science of medicine.

But all this information was not in well organized forms. Hence there was need to create some database which will provide well organized knowledge about this hole process of Clinical Diagnosis.

This has been successfully done by two very able stalwarts of Ayurveda namely Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade and Dr Sachin Kuber. Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade is one of the foremost experts on Ayurveda. He is leading academician and physician in the field of Ayurveda. He is the author of 127 books on Ayurveda and Yoga.

Dr Sachin Kuber, MS. (Shalyatantra) is a young and energetic Faculty member of International Academy of Ayurveda in India.

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When it comes to examine a disease in Ayurveda, all the information is needed in a consolidated form. This makes the collection and diagnosis of the patient easy. Due to this need, “MADHAVA” the author of "Madhava Nidana" gathered all the information from above three Samhitas and put them in appreciable way. This is an authoritative book on clinical Diagnosis which is very elaborative on Diagnosis. It has detail explanation on various causes, types, symptoms of many diseases described by all three Samhitas and some new diseases also.

Authors of this ebook also have done the same job and have created a very well organized knowledge database of signs and symptoms.

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Ebook - Table of Contents
1 Introduction 3- 5
2 Introduction to clinical examination 6-13
3 Types of clinical examination 14- 52
4 Guidelines for examination of Patient 53-59
5 Pranavaha Srotas 60-73
6 Annavaha –Purishavaha Srotas 74- 95
7 Rasavaha, Raktavaha, Udakavaha 96-135
8 Mamsavaha, Medovaha Srotas 136- 156
9 Asthivaha Srotas 157- 162
10 Majjavaha Srotas 163 -182
11 Shukravaha Srotas 183-191
12 Manovaha Srotas 192 -195
13 Mutravaha Srotas 196 - 199
14 Short case print format 200 -210
15 Long case print format 211- 220
16 Bio Data - Authors 221- 225


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