Ayurvedic Diagnosis

by Dr. Shashikant Patwardhan

The Diagnosis according to Ayurveda is to find out the root cause of a disease [ Nidan]. It is not always necessary that the root cause is inside the body. Many times the cause may be outside the body. To give permanent relief the root cause has to be removed. When we cure some disease according to Ayurveda, we do not just treat the physical symptoms, The person is treated as a whole.

All causative factors of disease internal or external directly or indirectly create an imbalance [ increase or decrease ] in these doshas first and only then do the symptoms of the disease manifest. The causative factors can be the food, life style or other activities. All these factors are affecting one , two or all the three doshas.
So if you want to stay healthy, you must know what are these factors which create an imbalance of doshas. As said earlier these factors could be your diet, life style or daily activities. You will soon discover that majority of foods and activities we practise in the modern world are increasing one or more doshas.

Factors responsible for increasing vata:

  • Eating too much cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, beans, dry fruits, mushrooms and raw foods.
  • Too much travelling by any means of transportation.
  • Staying awake till late night or not sleeping at all.
  • Eating of junk food, frozen foods and food that has been

  • micro waved.
  • Excessive exposure to high noise level or high sounds.
  • Watching too much television and over exposure to computers or any

  • other kind of electric gadgets from strong waves are emitted.
  • Indulging in too much sexual activities.
  • Excessive imagination, overworking or too much sports.
  • Taking too much medicinal, recreational and stimulating drugs.
Symptoms caused by excess of vata in the body are joint pains, constipation, dry skin, Aggravation of vata weakens the nervous system, loss of memory, palpitation, insomnia, stiffness of muscles, weight loss, migraine, vertigo and tremors.

Factors responsible for increasing pitta:

  • Our daily practices which involve lot of competition, habits like drinking too much tea, coffee, alcohol and excessive smoking increase pitta in the body.
  • It is also increased by eating hot, spicy foods,
  • Eating too much chillies, tomatoes, egg plant, spinach, onions
  • Too much exposure to heat and sun.

Some of the symptoms caused by excess of pitta in the body are hyperacidity, skin diseases, burning sensation, fever, infections, ulcers and liver disorders.

Factors responsible for increasing kapha:

  • Eating too much sugars, fats, oily and fried foods, ice creams, meats, dairy products and nuts.
  • Too much sleep specially during day time and not doing much physical activities.

Some of the symptoms caused by excess of kapha in the body are asthma, cough, cold, congestion in the chest, anorexia and obesity.

So once you know which dosha is aggravated or out of balance, its easy to bring it under balance by using different kinds of therapies.

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