AFY-IAA Newsletter archives -part 3

In this section you will find the archives of the topics covered in the back issues of our monthly Newsletter-

VOL. VIII      Ayurveda For You Newsletter - 2008

Newsletter No.1 - 'Effect of Pranayama & Yogasana on HIV/AIDS ' 

Newsletter No.2 - 'Effect of Pranayama & Yogasana on Diabetes '  

Newsletter No.3 - Tinnitus - Karna nada  

Newsletter No.5 - Turmeric: The Ayurvedic Spice of Life  

Newsletter No.7 - 'Constipation - Simple ways to cure'  

Newsletter No.9 - 'Shirodhara'  

Newsletter No.11 - 'Music Therapy and the Elderly'  

Newsletter No.13 - 'Management of hypothyroidism in ayurveda'  

Newsletter No.15 - 'Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis'  

Newsletter No.17 - 'Healing through Music'  

Newsletter No.19 - 'Puran Ghrita (Old Ghee)'  

Newsletter No.21 - 'Ayurveda for Eczema[Vicharchika]'  

Newsletter No.23 - 'Diagnose and Treat Chronic cold correctly'  

VOL. IX      Ayurveda For You Newsletter -2009

Newsletter No.1 - 'What is Music Theray?' 

Newsletter No.3 - 'Enlarged Prostate and Ayurveda' 

Newsletter No.5 - 'Drive away recession blues with Ayurveda & Yoga' 

Newsletter No.7 - 'Anupan in Ayurveda' 

Newsletter No.9 - 'The Three Gunas of Mind and Music' 

Newsletter No.9 - 'Tensions and their Resolutions in Music' 

Newsletter No.10 - 'Vajikarana (Ayurvedic aphrodisiac treatments)' 

Newsletter No.11 - 'Ayurvedic Management of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)' 

Newsletter No.12 - 'Ayurveda and Astrology' 

Newsletter No.13 - 'Astrology and Music' 

Newsletter No.14 - 'Ayurvedic Psychology' 

Newsletter No.15 - 'Improvising Music as a Technique in Music Teherapy' 

Newsletter No.17 - 'Vitiligo(leucoderma)- Ayurvedic treatment' 

Newsletter No.18 - 'Ayurvedic Treatment of Migraine' 

VOL. X      Ayurveda For You Newsletter - 2010

Newsletter No.1 - 'Music therapy for Premature Babies' 

Newsletter No.3 - 'Kwath Granules'- Kwath in the form of readily soluble granules 

Newsletter No.4 - 'Ayurveda for Women- adolescent age' 

Newsletter No.4 - 'Ayurveda for Women- menopausal age' 

Newsletter No.5 - 'Ayurvedic Regimen in Summer (Grishma Ritucharya)' 

Newsletter No.6 - 'Mental and Emotional Wellness' 

Newsletter No.7 - 'Meditation and Mind' 

Newsletter No.8 - 'Panchabhautik Chikitsa' 

Newsletter No.9 - 'Rasayan Chikitsa' 

VOL. XI      AFY - IAA Newsletter - 2011

Newsletter No.1 - 'Self- Music Therapy For Emotional Healing' 

Newsletter No.2 - 'Ayurvedic Management of IBS (Grahani)' 

Newsletter No.3 - 'Benefits of Ayurvedic oil in Hair Care' 

Newsletter No.3 - 'Winning over depression' 

Newsletter No.4 - 'Benefits of Ayurvedic oil in Hair Care'  -part 2;

Newsletter No.5 - 'Benefits of Ayurvedic oil in Hair Care- part 3' 

Newsletter No.6 - 'Ayurvedic medicinal herb - Guduchi' 

Newsletter No.7 - 'Ayurveda For Improving Eyesight ' 

Newsletter No.8 - 'Ayurveda For Uterine Fibroid ' 

Newsletter No.9 - 'How to Increase Height' 

Newsletter No.10 - 'Sneha kalpana in Ayurveda' 

Newsletter No.12 - 'Manage your Anger with Music' 

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