AFY-IAA Newsletter archives

In this section you will find the archives of the topics covered in the back issues of our monthly Newsletter-

VOL. I      Ayurved-online Newsletter- 2000-01

Newsletter No.1 - Pain

Newsletter No.2 - In search of Tranquility

Newsletter No.3 - Medicinal herb - Tulsi( Ocimum Sanctum)

Newsletter No.4 - Diabetes - Prameha

Newsletter No.5 - Yoga- union with the Divine.

Newsletter No.6 - Panchakarma- Ayurvedic management of disease.

Newsletter No.8 - Asthma (Shwas roga)

Newsletter No.10 - Medicinal herb - Ashoka(Saraca Indica)

Newsletter No.12 - Ayurveda and Menapausal Syndrome

Newsletter No.14 - Concept of Safe Motherhood in Ayurved

Newsletter No.16 - Ayurveda and Liver Care

Newsletter No.17 - Dismenorrhoea [Kashtartava]

Newsletter No.19 - 'Swasthavritta'[Code of healthy conduct]

Newsletter No.20 - 'Ritucharya' in spring season

Newsletter No.21 - 'Music Therapy'

Newsletter No.22 - 'Ayurveda and Obesity'

Newsletter No.23 - 'Medicinal herb - Amalaki( Emblica Officinalis)'

Newsletter No.24 - Chyvan Prash -most popular rejuvenator tonic of Ayurveda

Newsletter No.25 - "HOMA" a kind of "Daiva-vyapashraya Chikitsa" in Ayurveda.

Newsletter No.26 - "Nasya Karma" part of "Panchakarma" Nasal installetion of medicine .

Newsletter No.28 - "Ayurvedic way to heart" what Ayurveda can offer to heart patients.

Newsletter No.30 - "Ayurvedic Diet"- Diet and it's aggravating or pacifying effects on the Doshas.

Newsletter No.32 - "Osteoarthritis"- Ayurvedic way of Treatment of Osteoarthritis [Sandhi vat] 

Newsletter No.35 - "Massage"- It's technique and benefits 

Newsletter No.37 - "A Curry to remember" 

VOL. II      Ayurveda For You Newsletter - 2002

Newsletter No.1 - Charaka Club in New York completes a century. 

Newsletter No.2 - Latest trends in the managemant of psoriasis. 

Newsletter No.5 - Eat right for healthy Life 

Newsletter No.6 - Skin care in Ayurveda 

Newsletter No.8 - Careers in ayurvedic pharmacy 

Newsletter No.10 - Ayurvedic Wisdom Vindicated  

Newsletter No.12 -Music - Raga and Dosha co-relation 

Newsletter No.14 -Music - Raga and Time Association  

Newsletter No.16 - Ayurvedic food plan according to dosha  

Newsletter No.18 -Triphala - Amazing Ayurvedic Energiser 

VOL. III      Ayurveda For You Newsletter - 2003

Newsletter No.1 - "TRIDOSHA - Fundamental principle of Ayurveda"  

Newsletter No.3 - Ayurveda and AIDS. 

Newsletter No.5 - "Chyavan prash in the treatment of AIDS" 

Newsletter No.7 - "Detoxification Methods in Ayurveda" 

Newsletter No.9 - "Principles of Nature Cure" 

Newsletter No.11 - Use of 'PAS' in Ayrvedic medicine.  

Newsletter No.13 - Diabetes on Rampage  

Newsletter No.15 - Concept of 'Agni' in Ayurveda  

Newsletter No.17 - Virechan Chikitsa in Tamakshwas (Asthma)  

Newsletter No.19 - Graceful Menopause with the help of Ayurveda 

Newsletter No.21 - Immunity (Vyadhikshamatva) in Ayurveda  

Newsletter No.23 - Medicinal Herb-Shatavari  

VOL. IV      Ayurveda For You Newsletter - 2004

Newsletter No.1 - Vegetarian Diet - a better choice 

Newsletter No.3 - Low Back Pain - Ayurvedic Management  

Newsletter No.5 - Ayurveda for Thyroid Diseases  

Newsletter No.7 - Effect of Food on Temparament  

Newsletter No.9 - Heart Care 

Newsletter No.10 - Obesity/Diabetes Could Hit Life Expectancy  

Newsletter No.12 - Ayurvedic Treatment of Fibromyalgia (CFS) 

Newsletter No.14 - Positive Health through Rasayana Theraphy  

Newsletter No.16 - Rasayana Theraphy - part 2 

Newsletter No.18 - Concept of 'Ama' in Ayurveda 

Newsletter No.20 - Arthritis- (Painful Joints) 

Newsletter No.22 - Three Habits of the Healthy, Fit and Thin 

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