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By exchanging links, we web site owners can help each other to communicate with the people who are most important to us - the people who visit our sites!

Reciprocal Links are important. Besides more visitors from the links, the Search Engines give more importance to web sites having lots of links to them. We both will benefit if we will have links to each other's web sites. Search engines are now using themes. If there are links between similar sites then search engines give more prominence to the site.

If you are having an 'Ayurveda', 'Yoga' or 'Health related website', you can think of exchanging a link with our site. [others Please excuse! ]

To Add your site .....

Listing in the Ayurveda For You Links directory is free - we only require a reciprocal link exchange.

Please read the Submission Guidelines set out below---
-- Website must be in English.
-- must be 'Ayurveda', 'Yoga' or 'Health related website'
-- We reserve the right to edit site titles and descriptions
-- Please submit only one link and one reciprocal link per URL
-- The link must be located on one of the pages directly on your site - not on a third-party site (eg a site that maintains your reciprocal link program)
-- We will not list your site if our link is contained within a frame, dynamically generated ('?' in the url), or if our link is only accessible through a form.
-- We will not list your site if our link is more than 3 clicks from your home page or if there are over 30 links on your links page

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1. The first step is to add our link to your website.
Copy the HTML codes given below and add it to a page on your website.

<a href="https://ayurveda-foryou.com"><B>Ayurveda For You </B> </a> - Comprehensive website on Ayurveda. Learn Ayurveda through ebooks, free email courses, free newsletter, Online certificate courses.>

Make sure to add a reciprocal link before submitting your site.
please note : Applications without a reciprocal link will be automatically rejected!

2. Please enter your link data in the form below (only if you have completed Point No.1 above, otherwise it is useless)

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