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1 St- September - 2016

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Dear Reader,
Welcome to the September issue of 'AFY-IAA Newsletter'.

Article in this issue is on "Laxative-induced constipation - a new health concern".

Patients who have been prescribed laxatives by a doctor continue to self-medicate and use these medicines for a prolonged period. Reliance on medicines is increasing by the day and simpler, natural means to deal with health issues are forgotten. Constipation due to this indiscriminate use of laxatives has become a public health concern

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IAA News - Abroad

1. Dr. Mandar Bedekar – Senior Faculty member of IAA left for one months lecture tour of Brazil, on the invitation of Dr. Jose Rugue, President, Shudha Dharma Mandal, Sao Paulo.
2. Second International Ayurveda Conference London 2017 – Theme –Ayurveda in pursuit of health, happiness and longevity. Online registration for the conference in April 2017 is now open and interested delegates should log on to www.internationalayurvedacongress.com Those who want to send their scientific papers should contact Dr. Yeola at – gunvantayurveda@gmail.com
For Air ticket booking, visa guidance and Europe tour contact – Patankar Holidays -91-20-24349962 | 7767806522  What's App No : 9820680505 E mail sushama.patankar21@gmail.com OR holidays.patankar@gmail.com
3. Mas Vidal –Renowned Yoga Teacher who is associated with IAA since many years has his center in Ohai, California. Every year he brings group of his students for clinical training to IAA. Recently he has launched his new updated website -www.dancingshiva.com

IAA News - India

1.Bon Voyage –Three members of International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune Dr. Ratnaprabha Chaudhari (Pune), Dr. Merry Thomas (Chennai) and Dr. Sonali Kavitake (Jalgaon) left for Korea for working at Seokjeong Wellpark Hospital (Korea) From Sept. 2016 to Nov. 2016. IAA had signed MOU with this Institute in July.
2. Opportunity for Female Ayurvedic Physicians to work Abroad – Three female Ayurvedic physicians will be deputed every three months to South Korea to work in Wellpark Hospital. They will get remuneration of 1000 US $ per month and free lodging and boarding. This project is being coordinated and supervised by senior faculty member of IAA –Dr. Abhijit Jinde. IAA will need Female Ayurvedic physicians in rotation of 3 months duration. Those who are interested to work from Nov. 2016 onwards should immediately contact Dr. Abhijit Jinde - 9850898924 They should send their resume and latest photograph to his e mail - abhijitayurveda@gmail.com, info@sukhayurveda.in
3. WAC 7 Kolkata – World Ayurveda conference 7 will be held from Dec 1 to Dec. 4 th. 2016. About 500 Foreign and 4000 Indian delegates are expected to attend. Visit - www.Wac7.com for further information.
4. Welcome new IAA members – We would like to welcome following new members -1) Dr. Varsha Gaikwad (Nanded) , 2) Dr. Vishal Sharma (Australia), 3) Dr. Merry Thomas –(Kollam, Kerala), 4) Dr. Rajendra Purohit (Mumbai), 5) Dr. Sonali Kavitake (Jalgaon).


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Article of the Month

Laxative-induced constipation - a new health concern

Constipation due to long-term use of laxatives is the latest public health concern and its proportion in the total number of chronic constipation cases is consistently on the rise. It is prevalent among people over the age of 40 years.

Over-The-Counter medicines allow individuals to self-treat common symptoms. Among the various OTC medicines available in India, laxatives are commonly used and abused since many options of laxatives are available in allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, herbal etc. Just because laxatives are easily available it does not mean they are safe and suitable for everyone.

The rampant abuse of over-the-counter laxatives, which can become a habit and gradually descend to complete dependence. This habit has made bowel movement almost impossible for many.

Patients who have been prescribed laxatives by a doctor in the past continue to self-medicate and use these medicines for a prolonged period. Reliance on medicines is increasing by the day and simpler, natural means to deal with health issues are forgotten. Most people buy a strip of laxative when constipated, but it is not a good idea. Laxatives cause bowel movements by irritating the colon which causes the muscles in the colon to go into a spasm, artificially ejecting the stool. Overuse of laxatives can make colon muscles lazy leading to chronic constipation and a dependence on them. The chronic use of laxatives ultimately leads to increasing constipation and the need for even stronger purges. It can result in the loss of essential nutrients and water and cause severe electrolyte imbalance, fatigue and cramps among other harmful effects. Laxative abuse can cause severe health problems Unless a doctor has prescribed laxatives, one should stop taking them freely. They are not the answer and will only worsen constipation.

Constipation can be prevented or managed by making changes to the diet and lifestyle rather than relying on laxatives. But there is lack of awareness.

Ayurvedic View:
According to Ayurveda, if you are eating a diet high in insoluble fibre, drinking adequate water, and exercising daily, this is enough to maintain a healthy, constipation-free digestive system. Constipation occurs when we deviate from this time-tested formula.
Good sources of Fiber include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. But when it comes to a lazy bowel, foods rich in insoluble fiber may be most helpful. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and helps move food through your digestive system, improving regularity. Foods with lots of fibre include cereals such as wheat germ and wheat bran...
Drinking adequate Water lubricates the intestines and also moistens the food you eat, aiding its flow through your body.
Regular Exercise stimulates your intestinal muscles to work more efficiently. It also decreases the amount of time needed for food to move through your intestines, so stools stay moist

For occasional help, there are several laxatives to choose from: Bulk-forming laxatives, Osmotic laxatives, Saline laxatives, Stool softeners, ,Stimulant laxatives etc.

Ayurveda has described number of safe and effective laxatives. Read more about them in complete article on website.
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