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Ayurveda For You Newsletter

July - 2017.  Vol. 17 - Issue - 7

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Article in this issue is "How Sleep Affects Mental Health", and is contributed by Guest writer Sarah Jones.
Our well-being is greatly affected by the quality of sleep we get. Sleep affects our capabilities, wellness, and enhances our mental resilience.

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Article Of The Month: How Sleep Affects Mental Health

Our well-being is greatly affected by the quality of sleep we get. Sleep affects our capabilities, wellness, and enhances our mental resilience. Good sleep is as important as having a healthy diet and lifestyle. On the other hand, lack of sleep or inadequate sleep leads to insomnia, negative moods, anxiety, and depression.

What Happens When You Sleep?
Every day, you encounter and learn new things. And when you sleep, your mind is able to process these old memories and store them away for use in the future. This creates room for storing the new memories you make the following day. Therefore, we can argue that sleep is beneficial not only in learning and creativity but also in improving concentration when you are awake.

Many factors affect your quality of sleep. Have you ever woken up feeling anxious and unable to calm down? When this happens you need to reflect on what the cause might be and find a possible solution. Below are the reasons why.

What Happens When You Don’t Sleep Well?>

  • Less Optimization of Your Memory...
  • Depression ...
  • Poor Concentration...
  • You Become Moody...
  • Your Intelligence is Compromised...
  • Development of Bipolar Disorder...

What You Can Do?
You can employ different tactics to ensure that you get the minimum of sleep required daily. For example; by developing a regular sleep pattern, avoiding stimulants like coffee, reducing your addiction to gadgets and television, and also making your bed more appealing. However, if you think these natural remedies are not helping, then it’s time to consult your doctor, a sleep expert, or a sleep psychologist to get to the root cause of your sleeplessness.

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