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1 St- December - 2016

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Dear Reader,
Welcome to the December issue of 'AFY-IAA Newsletter'.
Article in this issue is on "Skin Care in Winter- Ayurvedic Tips" The dry winter weather makes the skin dry and rough. Care should be taken to keep the skin moist, soft and smooth. Ayurveda takes a holistic approach in maintaining skin soft and fresh in winter.

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Dr.Shashikant Patwardhan                                                    Prof. Dr. Subhash Ranade.

IAA News - Abroad

1. Dr. Asmita Wele for Hungary – Prof. Asmita Wele, IAA Faculty member and HOD Rasashastra of BVDU has been selected for Ayurveda Chair in Hungary. She will work in the Dept. of Pharmacology of Debrecen University and carry on the work of Ayurveda propagation. We congratulate her for her new appointment and wish her all the success.

2. Second International Ayurveda Conference London 2017 – Theme –Ayurveda in pursuit of health, happiness and longevity. Online registration for the conference in April 2017 is now open and interested delegates should log on to (www.internationalayurvedacongress.com) Congress fee for delegates 500 GBP for Non delegates who are with delegates but not attending the conference fee 360 GBP. For Air ticket booking, visa guidance, transfer of foreign currency for registration and booking Europe tour, contact – Patankar Holidays -91-20-24349962 | 7767806522  E mail - sushama.patankar21@gmail.com OR holidays.patankar@gmail.com

3. Dr. Sachin Kuber -senior faculty member of IAA visited China in November for attending seminar on ‘Recent techniques of hernia operations’.


Prof. Em. Dr. Subhash Ranade,Chairman, IAA And
Dr. Sunanda Ranade,Vice-Chairman, IAA


We are visiting several foreign countries since last 35 years and have given lectures at different Institutions, Universities and have organized seminars on various topics of Ayurveda and Yoga and also have given Ayurvedic consultations to thousands of patients. Propagation of Ayurveda is our Karma yoga and it is our motto of Life. Our efforts of propagation of Ayurveda Worldwide started 34 years in 1982. Till today we have visited 75 countries in all 5 continents around the World. (And our efforts are still continued till today). We are going to write series of articles about our experience of travel in various foreign countries for the readers of Ayurveda-foryou.com and IAA Newsletter.

Article 2- Germany-part 2

IAA News - India

1. Vrindavan Tharparkar Ayurvedic Pharm – Near Bhukum this is new joint project by Shri Bharekar and Dr. Amod Sane of Green Pharmacy. The farm has 150 white cows of this special variety which gives A2 milk. (All other cows give A1 type of milk that leads to diabetes, heart disease and other neurological diseases). Green pharmacy has already started to manufacture Panchagavya products. The project will have Ayurvedic Restaurant and residential treatment facilities with Panchkarma in near future. This facility can be availed by the vaidyas and health professionals for their patients and disciples on the custom made arrangements.
2. Dr. Sunanda Ranade and Dr. Supriya Gugale – From IAA, they have been chosen to lead the training program of International Delegate Assembly on Workshops of Nutrition and Beauty respectively at WAC7 Kolkata.
3. IAA faculty members get together- All senior core group members organized this event on Nov. 20 th at the residence of Dr. Ranade’s. They discussed various events to be organized in future by IAA like upcoming WAC7 Kolkata, And International Ayurveda Conference at London, 2017
4. Welcome to New IAA members – In the month of October and November following new members have been accepted as faculty members -1) Dr. Deepali Manore, 2) Dr.Minakshi Randive, 3) Dr. Akshata Gadge (October), 4) Dr. Arti Firke,5) Dr. Vivek Vadjikar, 6) Dr. Kalyani Vibhandik , 7) Dr. Subhash Waghe, 8) Dr. Mrunal Jamdade, 9) Dr. Chaitali Bhagwat, 10) Dr. Asmita Wele, 11) Dr. Prerana Gaikwad, 12) Dr. Aditi Namdev. Mr. Nitin Pangam is the new Associate member.
5. Seokjeong Wellpark Hospital –South Korea - The first batch of IAA members Dr. Ratnaprabha Chaudhari, Dr. Merry Thomas and Dr. Kavitake have returned back from three months program in Seoul. They have completed their work with satisfaction and discipline. The next batch of IAA members will be leaving in the months of Dec 2016. For the year 2017 the selection process is undergoing for which kindly contact the head of this project Dr. Abhijit N Jinde. (9850898924/ abhijitayurveda@gmail.com)
6. AAPI Global Healthcare Summit- IAA member Dr.Abhijit N Jinde has been invited for this summit and to take part in expert's panel discussion on AYUSH scheduled on 30th Dec. at the Global Healthcare Summit Udaipur, Rajasthan. This session will focus on the growing importance and relevance of AYUSH and its implications on modern Allopathy medicines, progress and development in India and the United States.
7. Dr. Subhash Waghe – Presented paper on ‘Diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias through pulse diagnosis at Seminar on Cardiology organized by MG Ayurveda College, Savanji, Wardha.
8. Dr. Yogesh Badwe – Has been recently awarded degree of Ph.D. in Shalya has joined Nagpur Govt. Ayurveda College as Prof. Shakya. He is Sr. Faculty member of IAA. We congratulate him for his new appointment.


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Article of the Month

Skin Care in Winter- Ayurvedic Tips

The dry winter weather makes the skin dry and rough. Lack of humidity out doors leads to cracked skin and indoor heating further removes the traces of moisture and aggravates dryness of skin. Dry and cracked skin leads to various skin infections. Hence care should be taken to keep the skin moist, soft and smooth.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to maintaining and regaining health. There are many ayurveda tips to keep the skin glowing and smooth in winters as well. We will discuss here some tips from Ayurveda that would help us keep our skin soft and fresh.

The winter season is marked as Hemant Ritu in Aayurveda. Hemant Ritu starts from mid November and ends in mid January. This falls in southern solstice which is called as Visarga kala or Dakshinayana in Ayurveda.

Massage – Ayurveda promotes hot oil massage as a remedy for dry and rough skin. The oil massage nourishes the skin. The ayurveda oil massage keeps the skin hydrated. Regular oil massages are good for skin in winters. Opt for oils which do not clog the dermal pores...

Bath - Instead of using soap high in their alkaline content, it is better to have your skin washed with paste of ground gram and yogurt or use ...

Face and Skin Care - In winter season, use face masks or face packs with herbs that can bring back the moisture to the skin. You may use rose water, amla, aloevera , turmeric and other natural ingredients. Skin may be similarly hydrated with cold creams and moisturizer oily in content instead of water based moisturizers opted for during summer. Moisturizing lotions based on glycerin and alpha-hydroxyl content can contribute to the smoothening feel of the skin.

Diet in winter - In winters it is very necessary to eat well. Add extra herbs and spices in your diet like amla, ashwagandha, shataveri, triphala etc. Regular consumption of a spoon full of chwapanprash in the morning is also very good for skin and body. Also include .... Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated. Drinking warm water in winter prevents vitiation of vata and diseases arising due to that. Consume warm and heavy to digest food. Include Honey,sugar Cane juice, milk and clarified butter (ghee) in diet.

Winter Life style - Wear warm clothes made of wool, silk and cotton. While wearing clothes in layers wear cotton clothes next to your skin as they do not cause skin allergy. Do regular exercise. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily can give your skin a healthy glow. Avoid repeated washing of face which washes off natural oils from your skin and makes the skin dry, scaly and wrinkled. Apply moisturizing lotion liberally all over the body... These tips from Ayurveda would surely help you to keep your skin soft and fresh in this winter.

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